While the majority of online gamblers will never suffer from gambling problems, the features put in place to prevent players from coming at risk should at least be considered, if not implemented, as they are beneficial. The prevention of gambling problems has come a long way, and there is more information readily available on how to be at risk as well as how to recover from it. There are many measures put in place to ensure responsible gambling such as

Protection of vulnerable players– The main measures in place to protect players are limits on the amount of money, self-exclusion programs and time players spend on online gambling to ensure responsible gambling takes place and not compulsive gambling.

Prevention of underage gambling– Online operators are required to make their players provide identification to show proof of age, so underage gambling doesn’t take place.

Secure & safe online environments – Operators must use reliable encryption software to ensure the level of consumer protection is at a high-level and doesn’t ruin the gaming experience.

Ethical marketing – Gaming operators must adhere to the code of conduct in place to ensure advertisements are factually correct and don’t target minors.

These measures are put in place to every licenced online gaming site as regulators within the gaming industry work together with councils such as the RGC and Gamble Aware to ensure all standards are put in place to ensure responsible gambling.


In Canada, you will find the Responsible Gambling Council, commonly known as the RGC. The RGC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing online gambling issues. The Responsible Gambling Council goes about creating these programs by researching the different perspectives of problem gambling. This means they gather different views on the issues of gambling problems from gaming providers, regulators, policymakers and even gamblers who have unfortunately suffered from gambling-related issues. The creator of the RGC, Tibor Barsony, established the RGC in 1980 after suffering from his gambling problems he found the lack of information and services to help him were nowhere insights. So, if you are suffering the RGC is an excellent company to keep as they fully well understand the problems you may be facing when online gambling.

The RGC has a philosophy of promoting wellbeing and understanding that online gambling should never come at a human cost. By creating and implementing innovative techniques, the RGC has helped reduce the risk of players facing problematic gambling issues. The main format in which the RGC helps promote responsible gambling by introducing programs which help creates awareness and provide much-needed information. The plans that have been put in place target different age groups and communities; this includes a range of online gamblers from parents to young adults in Canada.


There are many responsible gambling trust around the world with trusts such as Gamble Aware and Gamble Therapy more present in the UK. But, because online gambling is accessible to everyone almost everywhere, these trusts work together. You will find that Gamble Aware and The RGC partner together in creating gambling prevention programs to help provide information on responsible gambling. An excellent example of this is a program that was a partnership between Gamble Aware and the RGC which was led by PwC, who wanted to explore the potential of looking at the data that is held by the online gambling sector such as behavioural analytics. To see if this data can be used to help create programs that recommend practical applications of harm minimization.

Thanks to continued partnerships amongst responsible gambling trusts, there are many tools implemented to online gambling sites such as deposit limits, gaming time limits and importantly, the protection of vulnerable players with self-exclusion programs.

The RGC is the most renown as it has been one of the founders of responsible gambling in Canada. However, there are other options, such as the service the British Columbian government provides. They provide information and support service to anyone struggling with a gambling problem, or if you have family friends who are experiencing any difficulties.


The Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario is has been active for over 35 years and are continually looking at ways to prevent gambling problems. As they look ahead to the future to integrate more prevention tools, they have taken great strides, along with other councils worldwide, to ensure online gamblers are less susceptible to gambling problems.

So what is the future for responsible gambling? The RGC is looking to improve their change-management process, which they deem vital to help improve the strategies they want to put in place for responsible gambling. Over the next five years, the RGC is seeking to take a leadership role in Canada by implementing more safeguard programs and raising community awareness for players. They are also keen on diversifying their product innovation and keen on expanding their partnerships and thus enabling them to invest in research and development into their programs.

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