The Best Online Casino Loyalty Rewards Schemes

A lot of different attributes can add to an online casino’s ‘stickability’. It’s fairly easy for any site to attract new players with dizzying combinations of free spins and cash bonuses, but it’s much harder to encourage players to become regular visitors to the site. Online casinos are only too aware of the intense competition that exists within the industry, so they need to be creative. One technique they often use to tempt players back is a good quality loyalty reward scheme. But what does this typically entail?

Loyalty Reward Schemes

Loyalty rewards schemes are rich and varied. No two casinos are likely to offer the same set of incentives. However, they do all revolve around the same principle. If you become a regular player, you can earn yourself points (or similar) that can be exchanged for casino bonuses or even items in a shop. The more points you earn, the bigger your rewards.

Points are typically awarded for activity. Often you’ll find that every wager you make will earn you some points but you can boost your collection by completing certain tasks too. Some sites also implement ad hoc bonuses that allow you to pocket double points as well. Loyalty reward schemes may also provide you with random, customised bonuses granted either ad hoc or when you reach a certain level.

Loyalty Reward Scheme Levels

Indeed, ‘levels’ are often a key component of an online casino loyalty reward scheme. You will often start off at the lowest loyalty level but receive your first batch of points when your register or deposit. Typical schemes will then see you move through, for example, bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels until you reach the pinnacle. You’ll find the rewards at the highest level more lucrative.

The Best Loyalty Reward Schemes

In truth, most online casinos now offer some sort of loyalty scheme. Some implement very simple ‘progress bar’ offers whereby each bet contributes towards your overall progression to your next reward and you can track your advance towards the next bonus. Other schemes are much more intricate. However, the principle of a loyalty reward scheme is widespread and hardly unique.

In that context, it can be difficult for players to judge the best scheme to sign up with. If you’re going to hang up your hat at one online casino above another, then you will want to make sure it’s the best for you. If a loyalty rewards scheme appeals, then you could do worse than consider the following four online casinos.

Royal Panda Loyalty Rewards Scheme

Royal Panda Free Spins Bonus

Let’s kick off with everyone’s favourite regal bear. Royal Panda have always operated an extensive, innovative loyalty rewards scheme. It suits their wider love of unique and wonderful bonuses. This programme aims to honour your repeat custom with genuine gifts, not just bonuses. And all you need to do to get on the ladder is play because you’ll earn points whether you win or lose.

If ever you doubted whether your playing time was worth the effort when you’re on a losing run, Royal Panda prove otherwise. You can exchange your points for some eye-watering gifts in the Royal Panda shop, including flights to Vegas, iPads, iPhones and much more. You’ll have to work hard to earn presents of that magnitude as you’d expect, but there are smaller bonuses available as well.

Guts Loyalty Rewards Scheme

guts spins

Now for our old friends at Guts, who are rather keen to bring you into the warm bosom of their loyal ‘squad’. This loyalty rewards scheme effectively functions as their VIP programme for high spending players as well. Interestingly, membership of this scheme is by ‘invite only’. They make you work hard for your place, but once you’re in, all sorts of benefits await.

Those benefits include birthday and registration anniversary bonuses, dedicated ‘squad’ managers, personalised rewards, priority payouts and access to promotions only available to those currently signed up the loyalty scheme. To earn your squad invite, you will need to deposit frequently, play regularly and generally show your love for Guts. Given the high esteem in which most players hold Guts, it’s a worthwhile club to join.

Casimba Loyalty Rewards Scheme

casimba free spins

I’ve been enjoying playing at Casimba since I first joined the site ahead of my review for this very site. My time hasn’t been wasted here. I’ve been busy accumulating loyalty points that I fully intend to cash in when the time is right.

The beauty of this scheme is that it starts from your very first deposit, for which you are handsomely rewarded. You receive a mammoth 500 loyalty points when you first credit your account, and then earn 2 points for every £10 you wager on Casimba’s fine collection of slots. Every 1000 points you earn is worth a £5 cash bonus, easily redeemed from your ‘Account’ section of the site.