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Football Betting

Given that football (or soccer as our Transatlantic friends more commonly call it) is played on every continent and in pretty much every country in the world, there’s a good chance that a match is scheduled for every day of the week too. You’re never short of options if you enjoy a flutter on the football betting.

Football Betting Sites

Football betting sites are ubiquitous to betting sites. I’ve never come across a sports betting site which excludes football from its list of popular sports, nor do I expect to find on in the future. Yes, it may still be 22 blokes chasing a bag of air around a field, but it remains the beautiful game and the most popular, ubiquitous sport in the world. You can get a flavour of the popularity of football betting as soon as you arrive at most gambling sites given that nearly all of them declare the number of events you can bet on for each sport. Even out of season, you will tend to find hundreds if not thousands of football games to punt on.

I’m writing this review in mid-June, which gives me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that little quirk. The regular European season has been over for a couple of weeks, yet Betsafe still has over 10,000 football markets listed. ComeOn, meanwhile, can offer bets on 336 different matches, a couple of hundred more than any other sport. Football is a dominant sport in the betting industry.

That Betsafe has 10,000 markets available reflects the sheer volume of different real money bets you can place on the outcome of a football match. Back in the day, bookies would let you bet on which team would win, the correct score, the first goalscorer and a combination of the latter two of those options. The proliferation of online gambling sites has changed all that, however, and punters can now browse a huge range of markets covering just about every aspect of an individual football game before placing a bet which suits. It’s almost as if the leading betting sites are tripping over each other to offer players more choice than ever. If you want to bet on the time of the first throw-in during a Zimbabwean football match, then there’s a good chance you’ll find a site that allows you to do exactly that. You aren’t just restricted to major events and competitions like the Premier League, Champions League, Major League Soccer and the World Cup. If the colour of a player’s underpants were visible, no doubt a site would offer you the opportunity to bet on those too.

Football Betting In Play

Another development that has arisen from the rise of online gambling is live betting aka football betting in play. This has been a real game changer across all sports, including football. It’s allowed betting sites to communicate with their customers in ways which just didn’t exist before. Indeed, attending a football match these days and the chances are that you will see some fans checking out the latest live sports odds relating to the game they are watching. The leading sportsbooks all offer live betting options of this type. They will review and change odds based on the action as it unfolds. If team A goes a goal up, then the odds of team B winning will widen. The sites can also publish specials and bonus bets on the next goalscorer or player to get sent off reactively. It’s all adding a new dimension to sports gambling and has proved a real game changer.

In-play football betting continues to grow in popularity. The variability of odds also means gambling sites will frequently give bettors the chance to ‘cash out’ if their bet is going awry. For those who have taken a punt on a multi-bet accumulator, live interaction of this type can provide a tempting opportunity to cut their losses if, for example, the half time score in four of the six games included in their accumulator is proving unfavourable. You can either hold your nerve or cash out for a small return. Again, it creates a live, interactive element which didn’t exist before, as well as an opportunity to limit the impact of your mistakes and withdraw funds which would otherwise end up in the bookies’ pocket.

Football Betting Apps

Football betting apps popularity is at an all time high. Live betting of the type I’ve described above wouldn’t work nearly as well if it weren’t for the rise of mobile betting too. All the leading sport betting sites now provide punters with the chance to play on the move, be it from a smartphone or tablet. You can access nearly all those sites via your standard web browser, but most of them offer free football betting apps as well. These apps are available on both Apple and Android devices, and the best ones provide a simple interface which is conducive to quick, accessible in-play gambling. Going back three or four years, a lot of football betting apps lack some of the functionality of their browser-based equivalents but now that recent estimates suggest that mobile betting accounts for roughly half of all online gambling transactions, the major sites have upped their games and others are following suit. It means that a player can usually deposit and withdraw funds, access full customer support and view a site’s entire event portfolio from a mobile app. Placing a bet is just as easy too.

Football Betting Strategy

Whenever a major competition comes around, it seems that everybody has the “best” foottball betting strategy and is suddenly a football expert. But no amount of prior knowledge can guarantee you returns from football bets. If the outcome of any given matchup were entirely predictable, then none of us would bother watching the sport. That’s not the say there aren’t some ‘bankers.’ The top teams will typically beat the bottom teams home or away, but football games are a two-horse race, and the odds for the favourites will be short enough to reflect that. Experienced punters with a lot of patience will frequently accumulate winnings steadily by betting on favourites, but most of us bet small amounts in the hope of winning big. If you know your stuff, you may be able to predict an upset or two, but most of the time, the favourites are favourites for a reason. And while there’s no ‘strategy’ that can guarantee returns, you can structure your bet to match your interest.

Indeed, it’s advisable to swerve bets on the outright result of a three-result ‘win-lose-draw’ sport like football because the likely returns are minimal. You can turn your hand to other markets instead. Nailing the correct score will help you benefit from better odds, but even then, the most popular scorelines like 1-1 and 2-1 tend to be pretty short. Combining the first goalscorer with the correct scoreline starts to become interesting but is, of course, harder to predict. However, if you combine bets on the outright winner as well as the first goalscorer/scoreline, then you can potentially reduce your while still taking a punt on a wager with decent returns. Given the inherent challenges of any of these markets, it’s hardly surprising that so many gamblers have turned to accumulators, which have seen a huge surge in popularity. Placing a bet on one favourite won’t produce good returns but bet to win on six favourites in combination, and everything gets a little more interesting. For many, combining betting lines is the best strategy for those reasons. That said, six lots of favourites won’t necessarily win because that’s the nature of the sport. No strategy is guaranteed, and you should always follow responsible gaming guidelines.

Football Tips

Where one industry explodes in popularity, you can expect other subsidiary industries to sprout up as well. Hence as football betting sites have enjoyed success, so have websites offering free football tips. This is nothing new – newspapers have included gambling advice in their pages for as long as most of us can remember – but the internet has enabled huge growth. It’s important to pick your football betting tips carefully, though. Plus, you should only gamble on any sport if you know enough to make an informed decision, in my opinion. Guesses will usually lead to losses.

Best Football Betting Sites

‘Which is the best football betting site?’ Is it Leovegas, Betway or Bet365?There’s a common question that a lot of people want answered. It’s not easy, though. There is such an incredible amount of choice these days that it’s almost intimidating. All we can do is review and feature some of our personal favourites on these pages. Those include some of the sportsbooks which have developed from online casinos which trace their origins back to the mobile boom. Sites like Mr Green and LeoVegas boast some of the best football betting apps on the market largely because mobile gambling was a huge part of their strategy. Both also have an enterprising approach to bonus promotions, which they have applied to their sportsbooks as well as the casinos.

There’s a lot to be said for some of the traditional big boys of the gambling market too though. Betway, Redbet, BetSafe and Leovegas have all been around years but continue to evolve their products for a dynamic industry. All of them provide trustworthy, user-friendly havens where you can enjoy a flutter under the auspices of the responsible gaming mantra, which is rightly supported by all. But it’s almost churlish to name drop in this way. You have an unbelievable amount of choice, and while all football betting sites differ slightly in design, approach and bonus strategy, the best share many characteristics. We’ll do our best to help you find the right football betting site for you.

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