There aren’t too many online casinos that can claim to be a true pioneer, but SlotsMillion deserves such high recognition. By incorporating the world’s very first virtual reality casino, they developed a niche all of their own and they remain at the forefront of what could be the next big industry development. That, combined with their market leading game filtering engine, has helped established the casino’s reputation for unparalleled levels of innovation. But they haven’t neglected their core product in the meantime. Indeed, they offer an enormous selection of games on a tidy, user-friendly platform. What’s not to like?

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What Does SlotsMillion Look Like?

The team over at SlotsMillion seem to understand the value of constant improvement. Since the site launched in 2015, it has evolved into a highly usable, distinct and attractive online casino. There’s nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary about the site design. Players will have seen the like of the SlotsMillion top banner before, and the thumbnail-driven games grid. There’s a nice blurb towards the bottom of the homepage which succinctly introduces new players to the casino’s philosophy. The team aren’t afraid to show off the huge number of games providers that they’re affiliated with here, hence the huge number of logos towards the bottom of the page. Yes, it’s a familiar design but it’s slick, subtle and classy. Just how we like it here at 777 Casino.

Furthermore, as you start to dig a bit deeper, you’ll find some cracking little design touches. They’ve worked so hard on their games page (more on that when we discuss the usability of the site) and it shows in the aesthetics too. There’s a little link at the top of every page that allows you to immediately search every game in the SlotsMillion arsenal. Click that and your transporting to one of the best looking games pages you’ll find anywhere. There’s a raft of clearly rendered filtering options on the right, a series of thumbnails that can be sorted and arranged by all sort of criteria to the right and an intelligent search box at the top. It all looks great and the My Account section follows suit. Again, it’s benefits from a simple design – this time with a plain white background – in many ways. However, each subheading opens out a little Pandora’s box of features, such as the ‘My Games’ section with its array of useful links. SlotsMillion is one of those online casinos that’s just clearly being lovingly designed and packs a deceptive amount of detail inside its virtual walls.

Is SlotsMillion Easy to Use?

I’ve already touched upon the usability of SlotsMillion in the previous section. There’s no surprise there because much of SlotsMillion’s impressive accessibility is attributable to its visuals. There are icons where others would use text and filters where some would make you browse. And it’s impossible to discuss the user friendly nature of this online casino without immediately turning focus to its game filter. Now, SlotsMillion have been known to claim that it’s the most sophisticated filtering system in the industry. We’ve seen evidence of them saying words very much to that effect. We’re not the sort of chaps who are suckered by such blatant promotional hyperbole though, we make up our own minds. But let me tell you, this is really good. Plus, regular readers of the site will know that poor (or limited) filtering is one of bug bears. It’s not a problem here though. You can tick boxes to view games from different providers in combination, sort them by themes, features, favourites, new games and combinations of most of the above. It covers every base, and we love it.

The rest of the SlotsMillion experience is similarly user friendly. It takes a couple of minutes to register, you can toggle between different pages without glitches and they process payments exceptionally quickly. Indeed, there’s an extremely useful page detailing charges and time scales for all accepted payment methods. Promotions have their own page and it’s really tidy. All offers are explained clearly and plain speaking extends to other aspects of the SlotsMillion experience as well. If you need support, you can click the permanent pop out link on the right hand side of the page to access live chat (open 10am-12pm CET) and there’s a call back process should you prefer to speak to someone over the phone. Then there’s the famed Virtual Reality casino, a first of its kind. We confess, we don’t a Oculus Rift headset so we haven’t tested directly. We know people who have though, and they were surprised by just how fun and immersive the experience was. You get the walk around, take a seat in front of a slot machine and play. If you win, 3D symbols come flying at your head. It’s new, it’s different and it could be the way forward. You know what, maybe we should get a headset.

Which Games Can You Play at SlotsMillion?

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Along with their VR casino and filtering system, SlotsMillion are also keen to promote the size of their games collection. You can play in excess of 1700 games when you factor in slots, table games and the virtual reality games too. The amount of games you have access to clearly depends on your geography though. I’m in the UK and the little link at the top of the page tells me I can play 768 games at the time of writing. That’s considerably down on 1700 but it’s not enough to make me quibble. Even at that level, it’s one of the bigger catalogues out there.  That includes about 50 games in VR as well so you won’t be short changed if you don the headset and try something completely new. Discussing the merits of VR games isn’t something I do everyday in these reviews.

Lots of different provides contribute to the standard games selection, providing depth and variety that’s the hallmark of many of the best casinos. Indeed, it’s the sort of games collection that makes it easy to forget that SlotsMillion is just two years old. Not many sites can boast games from more than two dozen suppliers, but they can. From faithful old giants like MicroGaming and NetEnt to boutique studios such as Red Tiger and and Rabcat, there’s lots of choice. Jackpot hunters will be pleased to see Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and King Cashalot although the other NetEnt progressives like Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune Dreams are conspicuous by their absence. It’s hard to complain too hard though. Not when there is such a breadth of choice. Not to mention (again), that groundbreaking virtual reality casino.

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The SlotsMillion Welcome Bonus

The SlotsMillion welcome bonus combines a 100% cash bonus with five cracking free spins bundles to give you the perfect introduction to the online casino. The cash bonus is triggered by your first deposit and doubles your money up to a maximum of £100. That also activates your first 20 free spins, which are attached to epic NetEnt adventure Gonzo’s Quest. You then get another four batches of 20 free spins, each on a different NetEnt slot over the next four days. On day 2, it’s Twin Spin, day 3 is Jack & the Beanstalk, you get 20 free spins on Spinata Grande on day 4 and finally, 20 on Fruit Shop on day 5.

You need to use your free spins within 20 days of credit and your cash bonus expires within 7 days too. The SlotsMillions team are very transparent with the terms of their bonus though; they don’t seek to confuse. There are x35 wagering requirements attached to all elements of the bonus and you can only bet up to £5 on any individual stake if using your cash bonus. Regardless of those terms, it’a great bonus that adds a plenty of value to your first week as a SlotsMillion player. There are plenty more bonuses available when you become a regular player as well.

Why Become a Regular Player at SlotsMillion?

Those regular bonuses provide another obvious reason why you should stick around. You’re likely to receive free spins every month and can take advantage of a host of regular, recurring bonuses as well. Again, there’s a fair amount of innovation there too. The Slunchbreak bonus is the pick of the bunch, allowing you to pocket 20 free spins for any deposit you make between 11am-1pm Monday to Friday. SlotsMillion isn’t just about the bonuses though. The usability of the site and the wide range of products available are both compelling reasons to stick around. If you want to test drive a Virtual Reality casino for a glimpse in to the future, you won’t find one anywhere else.

The SlotsMillion Mobile Casino

The SlotsMillion mobile casino is just as impressive as its desktop equivalent. Ok, so there’s not VR as you’d expect but there is one heck of a lot of standard slots and table games to play. Again, the sheer number of providers that SlotsMillion has partnered with makes a big difference here. The excellent games filtering mechanism has been inherited from its sibling too, and live chat is there for you should you need it. Given that you have a full cashier at your fingertips too, you can’t complain about limited functionality with this mobile casino.

It’s all very easy to use, as you’d expect. There are no jumps or glitches when loading games despite hours of testing and searching. Like the best online casinos, it’s fully optimised for use on iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smart phones. You can play through a browser so there’s no need to download a specialist apps. Mobile gaming is increasingly as important and traditional desktop play, and SlotsMillion are clearly aware of that. The lunch time recurring bonus is clearly aimed at workers. Why not sneak in a few free spins from your phone on your break? Beats making small talk with any annoying colleagues in the canteen.

Our Verdict on SlotsMillion

I was first exposed to SlotsMillion when it first launched. I reviewed it for other sites then and considered it an excellent new online casino with plenty of potential. As is the life of a reviewer, I drifted away from it somewhat in the intervening couple of years but I’ve had a lot of fun reacquainting myself with this excellent online casino. Boy, has it improved and evolved too. They deserve all the press they’ve had for the Virtual Reality casino, it’s truly pioneering and could yet catch on. You have to respect a casino that’s prepared to experiment in such groundbreaking ways. But the best compliment we can pay the team at SlotsMillion is this. Take away the VR and you still have one of the very best online casinos currently in operation. I’ve found it hard to find fault at all other than the usual gripes about wagering requirements. It’s a cracking online casino and highly recommended.

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