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A reliable bet calculator is a punter’s best friend. These handy little tools will help you calculate your expected returns on any sports bets you place (or are tempted to place) within of seconds. Many bet calculators are multi-functional and cover various types of bets including accumulators and each way wagers too. If you like your horse racing, some of the calculators can even calculate winnings against rule 4. Put simply, a bet calculator can save you both time, help you avoid mistakes and support quick comparisons between odds offered on different sites. The bet calculator will also support your judgement of the risk/reward ratio for any potential bet. It’s easy to see why bettors use them so frequently. That’s why we’ve created our very own bet calculator on this page.

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Matched Betting Calculator

Matched betting is a relatively new gambling phenomenon that provides bettors with the tools they need to make money from the free bets that sites use to attract new players. It’s a complex process and best supported by a Matched Betting Calculator, which will help you calculate your level of risk. In short, the maths associated with matched betting can be difficult and you can easily make an incorrect calculation.

To support the notion of a matched betting calculator, let me give you a quick overview of how matched betting works. The principle is simple, but the execution can be complicated. You need to first register with a betting platform that offers you a free bet bonus when you make a wager. You then place an initial bet of sufficient size to trigger that bonus. Next, you register with a ‘betting exchange’ like Betfair.

Betting Exchanges lets you bet against an event’s outcome, or ‘lay’ someone else’s bet. In other words, if one punter bets on Liverpool to beat Manchester United, you can ‘lay’ their bet by back the draw or Manchester United win. You effectively play the role of the bookmaker in this scenario, and across the two sites, you are backing all three outcomes (Liverpool win, Man Utd win, draw). That’s the requisite of matched betting.

By backing all three outcomes, you are guaranteed to win but certain to lose. If you lose the ‘lay bet’, you will be responsible for paying the punter’s winnings at the betting exchange (stake x odds). If you win at the original site, then you pick up standard winnings of your own.

Crucially, however, you will trigger the free bet at the first website. You can then repeat the same process but using your free bet. Your liability here is lower (because you aren’t using your own money) and you’re guaranteed to come out in profit. A matched betting calculator helps you control the risk of your first bet so you don’t risk losing too much whatever the outcome.

This might all sound a little underhand but it’s perfectly legal and acknowledged by the betting sites. You will pay a commission to the betting exchange on anything you earn there, but the matched betting calculator will help you calculate that too.

How to use a free bet calculator app

A free matched betting calculator is just one type of free bet calculator app. There are many other variations, as you’ll find on this page. But while it’s important to recognise exactly what you want from your free bet calculator app, most work in largely the same way. Indeed many, like the one featured on this page, simply let you pick your bet type as part of the calculation process. From that point, you can enter both your stake – or the amount you’re betting on a single wager – and the odds.

To calculate the winnings of any bet, you need multiple the stake by the odds. That’s what most of us do in our heads before we place a bet. A reliable free bet calculator app will do that work for you, but a lot more too. So while at its simplest, a bet return calculator will tot up the value of your stake x odds while taking into account the type of bet, they can account for other factors too.

Sometimes bets aren’t completely straightforward. Those of you who have ever bet on horse racing will certainly be use to more choice. An each way bet, for example, lets you bet twice – once on your selection to win but secondly on your selection finishing in a pre-determined placing other than 1st, such as 2nd or 3rd. You receive a pay out against one of those placings, but at a fraction of the odds you’d get if your selection wins.

Similarly, ‘rule 4’ is used to adjust odds in a race if a participant is withdrawn prior to that race taking place. These different scenarios can be hard to work through in your head, but an each way bet calculator or rule 4 bet calculator will do the job for you.

Our free bet calculator app allows you to calculate most types of bet. You pick your type of bet first. Then you enter the odds, along with the option to choose whether it’s an each bet or needs to take rule 4 into consideration.

Finally, you enter your stake and let our bet calculator do the rest for you. It will return the amount you will win if your wager comes in.

What is a multiple bet calculator?

A multiple bet calculator is another way you can reduce the complexity of your betting experience. It will calculate the amount you will win from an accumulator, which combines several single bets into one, leveraging the aggregated odds of all of them. A multiple bet increase the odds and therefore potential returns should all your selections bear fruit.

On the flipside, you will lose your entire stake if any of one your selections fails to win, even if your other choices all come good. Combining odds so you understand your projected winnings and potential losses can be complicated. But that’s why punters use a multiple bet calculator. It does the maths for you.

Many punters will be familiar with the concept of multiple betting but under the term ‘accumulators’ or and an ‘acca’ for short. This form gambling has grown in popularity over recent years. That is due in part to the potential returns that you can enjoy from a relatively small bet of, for example, £5.

There are ways you can calculate multiple bets yourself but we wouldn’t recommend you try. Your bookie will of course present you with your potential winnings when you place a bet but while you’re researching your choices, a good multiple bet calculator will help you loads. I’ve tried to do the maths in my head before and promise you it isn’t easy to working out projected winnings from an accumulator.

Bet Odds Calculator

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what type of bet you’re placing, a bet calculator will help simplify the research project. Yes, they can handle the complexity of each way bets and matched betting but ultimately they are bet odds calculators which take your stake, multiply by the odds and return an amount you can expect to receive if you’re lucky enough to win. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have no problem calculating returns from a 2/1 (or 3.0) bet. That’s nice and easy.

CalculatorWhat is this betting calculator best used for?
Double Bet CalculatorAll major sporting events
Treble Bet CalculatorFootball, horsing racing or really any other sporting event.
Trixie Bet CalculatorTrixie bets are common in horse racing
Lucky 15 Bet CalculatorAll major sporting events
Round Robin Bet CalculatorAny sporting tournament or season
Patent Bet CalculatorAll major sporting events
Sports Betting Accumulator CalculatorSports acca’s like football or tennis

Bet £1, win £2 plus your stake for a total take home of £3, bet £10 and you win £20 for a total of £30. It gets a bit more complicated when the odds are less clear cut though. Something like 9/4 or 10/3 can be a whole different beast to work out. These are the occasions when a bet odds calculator really is your be(s)t mate.

In my view, one of the best attributes of a bet calculator is its versatility. It can be a simple tool that works out the basics for you, but can handle more complicated calculations as well. A bet odds calculator should also allow you to express the odds in either decimal or fraction format, depending on your preference.

The decimal method is much more prevalent that in used to be, even in the UK. But our bet calculator lets you choose between the two, so if you’re placing a bet with decimal odds, you don’t have to bother translating those odds into fractional amounts if the latter is all you understand.

Bet Return Calculator

A bet return calculator is just a different name for a bet calculator. Different people call bet calculators different things, but they all refer to the same tool – one that lets you calculate the expected returns of any bet. Hence, the phrase ‘bet return calculator’! Your ‘returns’ are simply your winnings plus your original stake, which you always get back if you win but lose if your bet fails. Hence a bet return calculator tots up the amount you win from the bet based on the odds you got at the time you placed it, then adds it to amount of your original stake. The result is your total return from that initial bet. Whatever combination of words you use to reference a ‘bet calculator’, the result should always be the same.

Free Bet Calculator

The bet calculator you see on this page is a free bet calculator – and that’s the way it should be for any calculator you come across. If you stumble across a site that’s asking you to pay to use one, simply navigate away again and find a free bet calculator instead – preferably ours of course! There are lots of different bet calculators out there. Most perform broadly the same functions.

You might just need to scratch around to find tools which can return a result for specialist bet types such as risk averse arbitrage wagers or lay odds. However, even the simplest free betting calculator will provide you with pretty much everything you need to determine your predicted winnings from single or multiple bets. Other considerations are largely down to personal preference and user experience.

It’s much harder to find a free bet calculator that doesn’t let you enter your odds in either fractional or decimal formats to find one that does, so you won’t have any issues there regardless of your partiality.

Indeed, although there are plenty of websites which offer a bet calculator as a specialist tool, most sportsbook betting sites provide players with some form of calculator anyway. If you’ve ever ploughed money into a sports accumulator (or acca), then you will have experienced this. As you construct your betting slip, the gambling website will typically display the revised odds and your potential returns.

What they’re ultimately doing there is leveraging the same technology that you find in a free bet calculator. However, you have to put the bet together first, and it’s difficult to cross compare odds offered by different online bookmakers by using these tools you need to be registered and logged in to each sportsbook for a start.

Free bet calculators enable you to do your research first without constructing bets on one particular site. If you’ve got an idea what you want to bet on, you can check the odds at different sites, punch those odds and your stake amount into a free bet calculator and compare the projected returns from each. It’s even more sensible to use a matched betting calculator if you’re undertaking that sort of activity because working out returns from a place bet, returns and losses from a lay bet plus commission paid to the betting exchange can be a nightmare. Given that a free bet calculator doesn’t cost anything to use, it just makes sense to use one.

Each Way Bet Calculator

I already touched upon each way bets and how a good each way bet calculator can help you work out your returns no matter where your chosen options finishes. It’s worth devoting a little more time to this benefit of bet calculators. The concept of an each way bet may be easy for some of you to understand, but be alien to others. ,They are also more complicated than standard bets, so it can be tricky to work out your prospective returns across a range of scenarios. A good each way calculator can do just that for you. But first, let’s explore how an each way bet works in practice.

Each way bet is split into two halves – a win bet and a place bet – and I’ll use horse racing as an example to demonstrate how it works. Let’s say you take out each way bet on horse A. The win bet will only pay out if your horse finishes first in the race – just like a standard wager. However, your place bet will return winnings if your horse either wins or finishes in one of the pre-determined ‘place’ positions for that race. The place positions often encompass the runner-up spot only, but for larger events, a place bet might pay returns or 3rd or even 4th place.

Now, because the chances of your place bet coming in are much greater, you only benefit from a fraction of the odds – so 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 – and the fraction depends on the individual event. As you are effectively placing two bets, you also need to double your stake. So you can bet £10 on your horse to win outright and £10 on the horse to either win or ‘place,’ with the place odds designated as 1/2 of the win odds.

If your horse wins at 5/1, you will receive £60 back from your win bet (£50 winnings plus a £10 stake) and £35 back for your place bet (£25 winnings(50 x 1/2) plus your £10 stake).

Each Way Calculator

A good, user-friendly each way calculator will remove all the complication and help you assess your level of risk prior to placing your bet. It will let you input your stake amount, the odds on your horse winning and the fraction of the win odds you’ll receive if your horse places. It will take the total everything up and tell you how much money you stand to pocket if you horse either wins or places. I can’t overstate how useful this can be. You don’t need to be Einstein to work out possible returns from an individual bet, but once you throw in some each way odds, it can all get much trickier. There’s no point giving yourself a headache when you can just use an easy each waycalculator to do the maths for you.

Football Bet Calculator

Although each way bets are often associated with horse racing, you can use them for other sports like football betting and use a football bet calculator. It’s a bit harder to use them when you bet outright on the outcome of a one-off game given that only three results are possible (home win, away win, draw) gamblers often to use each way on other outcomes. For example, you can bet on your favourite team to win the Premier League ‘each way’ and still receive a payout if they finish second or third. Or you could bet on a player to score the first goal in a match, but again, earn some money if he scores last or at all.

An example with boosted odds which may result in a profitable matched bet.

Football bet calculators will, of course, cater for this sort of online betting activity in addition to standard single bets encompassing an outright result only. I should also say that most bet calculators will also let you specify whether your bet is a single, double, treble or special as well. However, one type of bet seems to reign above all others these days, especially for the casual punters. Accumulators allow you to bet on the outcome of several different games or events but only pay out when all parts of the bet are successful. The more events you bet on, the longer the odds you will benefit from. Although the chances of winning are reduced, players can return a great return on investment from very little outlay should they win. Just ask the guy who turned 250 bet into 2.5million. That’s why accumulators appeal to casual bettors.

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