Football Betting: The Best Football Betting Sites

There can hardly be a more lucrative gambling market than football betting. The vast majority of sites put the world’s most popular sport front and centre, resulting in a dizzying number of markets across a huge range of events. You can place real money bets on the final result of your selected match, the first and last player to score, red and yellow cards and even throw-in or corner patterns.

If you prefer to bet on the outright winner of tournaments, like the Champions League or World Cup, rather than individual matches, then you can do that too. Given that football (or soccer as our Transatlantic friends more commonly call it) is played on every continent and in pretty much every country in the world, there’s a good chance that a match is scheduled for every day of the week too. You’re never short of options if you enjoy a flutter on the football betting.

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Football Betting Sites

How To Find The Best Football Betting Sites

‘Which is the best football betting site?’ Is it Leovegas, Betway or Bet365?There’s a common question that a lot of people want answered. It’s not easy, though. There is such an incredible amount of choice these days that it’s almost intimidating. All we can do is review and feature some of our personal favourites on these pages. Those include some of the sportsbooks which have developed from online casinos which trace their origins back to the mobile boom. Sites like Mr Green and LeoVegas boast some of the best football betting apps on the market largely because mobile gambling was a huge part of their strategy. Both also have an enterprising approach to bonus promotions, which they have applied to their sportsbooks as well as the casinos.

There’s a lot to be said for some of the traditional big boys of the gambling market too though. Betway, Redbet, BetSafe and Leovegas have all been around years but continue to evolve their products for a dynamic industry. All of them provide trustworthy, user-friendly havens where you can enjoy a flutter under the auspices of the responsible gaming mantra, which is rightly supported by all. But it’s almost churlish to name drop in this way. You have an unbelievable amount of choice, and while all football betting sites differ slightly in design, approach and bonus strategy, the best share many characteristics. We’ll do our best to help you find the right football betting site for you.

There are loads of betting sites where you can place bets on football and all sorts of other sporting events. If you’re a footie fan and fancy placing some wagers, you’ll find no shortage of sites to sign up to and bet at.

But with so many choices, how do you go about finding the best sites? There is no single site that everyone thinks is the best because people have different tastes and preferences. However, there are many sites that are well rated and have been given many positive reviews. Finding these top betting sites is easy enough – do a quick online search and some of the best ones around will come up.

If you find some highly rated sites but can’t decide on one to sign up to, it’s worth reading some reviews. By doing this, you can get a better idea of what the sites have to offer and what people think of them. There are loads of sites that specialise in reviewing betting sites – again, a quick search will bring these up. Visit a review site and you may well hear about some betting sites you’d never come across before.

When you’re deciding on a betting site to sign up to, there are a number of factors that you should take into account. Some of these are listed below:

            –           Betting options. Does the site offer bets for a wide range of football matches/tournaments? What other sports can you bet on?

            –           Other gambling opportunities. Does the site offer other gambling opportunities such as casino games, poker or bingo?

            –           User interface. Is the site easy to navigate and is everything easy to find?

            –           Promotions and bonuses. What promotions are there and are the bonuses any good?

            –           Banking options. What payment methods can be used and what are the wait times for withdrawals?

            –           Customer support. Is customer support available 24/7? What ways of getting in touch are available?

            –           Safety and security. Is the site licensed? Does it have a reputation for being safe?

            –           Mobile compatibility. What’s the mobile site like compared to the desktop one? Is there an app you can download?

These factors can vary greatly from one betting site to the next. You should become a member of a site that is well rated by others and offers the things you yourself want. Since there are loads of betting sites, you should find your ideal one easily enough.

Football Betting UK

Football originated in England, so it should come as no surprise that football is hugely popular in the UK today. It’s the country’s national sport and betting on it is very popular indeed. Before online gambling was possible, many people up and down the country would visit their nearest betting shop to place bets on upcoming football matches. When online betting sites launched in the late 90s, football betting became a lot more accessible and grew in popularity. Mobile betting sites, which came around in the mid-00s, enable people to keep up with football and place bets on it whenever and wherever they like.

People in the UK don’t break any laws when they gamble. It’s completely legal to place football bets at licensed betting shops and it’s legal to place bets at online sportsbooks, whether they’re based in the UK or based in another country. The restrictions on gambling are quite relaxed compared with other countries – in many places, betting on sports is completely outlawed. Thankfully, the UK’s gambling activity is heavily regulated to ensure that gambling is safe and fair, and that those who spend money on it are protected.

Free Football Bets – What Are They?

A free football bet is a bet that you get to place on football without having to pay. Many betting sites let punters claim free bets as part of their promotional strategy. People love getting things for free, after all, and by offering free bets, sites can attract more punters and generate more revenue when those punters start placing real money bets.

If you come across a free football bet offer and claim it, your account will be credited with a free bet that you’ll only be able to use on football. There may be further restrictions too. Sometimes, you have to opt in to the promotion to receive the free bet; sometimes, you have to make a deposit or place a bet in order to qualify for the free bet.

Free bets are worth taking advantage of because they give you a chance to earn some winnings for free. These bets tend to have a small value and there are various restrictions that limit how much you can win. If you claim any kind of free football bet, you won’t make thousands of pounds from it, but you may still earn a small sum of money – it’s free, so it’s better than nothing.

Claim Free Football Bets No Deposit

Betting site promotions can be split into two categories: those for new punters and those for existing punters. Free football bets with no deposit required are a type of promotion aimed at new punters. The way it works is simple: you sign up to a betting site as a new customer and once your account is set up, you receive credit to make a free football bet with – no deposit is necessary and you get to spend your free bet before you’ve even made your very first deposit at the site.

You don’t even have to make a deposit when you’ve finished using your free bet bonus. You can leave the site and never visit again if you don’t want to. One of the key benefits of the no deposit bonus is that it lets you get a preview of a betting site without having to spend a single penny. If your free bet wins, you’ll have to play through the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings – to do this, you will need to make a deposit. However, if your free bet loses, you won’t have lost any money at all. Many of the biggest football betting sites routinely offer no deposit free bets to encourage new punters to sign up.

What are the specific terms and condition i should look for in football betting offers?

The bonuses offered by football betting sites might seem like fantastic deals, but there’s always a catch. Every promotional offer comes with terms and conditions, a set of text that explains what the offer’s full requirements and drawbacks are. Before you claim any kind of betting site bonus, even if it’s a small one that doesn’t award you much, you should read the full terms and conditions associated with it so you’re fully aware of everything that’s involved.

How To Bet On Football

Betting on football is straightforward. For every match, you’ll be able to bet on the outcome, i.e. which of the two teams will win or whether the end result is a tie. If a match is part of a tournament, you’ll be able to bet on not only that particular match, but also the whole tournament too. Many sites offer additional bets, such as a certain player to score.

To bet on football, you need some money – this is your bet, or wager, and is what you hand over to the betting shop or betting site. If your bet is successful and wins, you’ll get your original bet/wager back and as well as that, you’ll earn some winnings.

All bets have odds. These are a representation of how much money you stand to win should your bet be successful. There are several different types of odds and in the UK, it’s fractional odds that are the most common ones. With fractional odds, the number on the right represents your bet and the number on the left represents your winnings. Let’s say you back Crystal Palace and they have odds of 1/2. Your bet is £10. Should Crystal Palace win, you get your £10 bet back (this is the 2 in the 1/2) and you would receive £5 in winnings – the 1 in the 1/2 is half of 2, so therefore your winnings are half your bet.

To give another example, let’s say you place a bet on Chelsea to win against Crystal Palace. The odds for a Chelsea win are 3/1. You bet £10 and Chelsea goes on to win the match. You get your £10 back (this is the 1 in the 3/1) and your winnings would be £30.

If the number on the left is bigger, your winnings will be bigger than your bet. If it’s the number on the right that’s the bigger one, your winnings will be smaller.

How To Place A Bet On Football

If you’re keen to start betting on football online, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s very easy indeed. First of all, you need to sign up to a betting site. The sign-up process is usually simple enough and quite quick. Just fill out the registration form and provide the site with some basic personal information and contact details.

When your account’s set up and authenticated (you authenticate it by email or phone), you’ll then be able to deposit real money into your account and place bets on football. Most betting sites accept at least half a dozen payment methods, so there should be enough choices available. Note that credit cards can’t be used in the UK, but other payment methods such as debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards can.

Most betting sites have their betting interface laid out in the same way. When you head to a site’s betting section, you’ll see the page split into three columns: on the left are the different sports and events you can bet on; select one and you’ll see the currently available betting options displayed in the middle; over on the right is your betting slip, which is where any bets you’ve clicked on are listed.

So, head to the left side and click on ‘Football’, then find the bet you want to place from the options listed in the middle and click on one (or more). The bet slip will display all bets you’ve clicked on and their respective odds. To actually place a bet, simply enter a stake (the site will show you exactly how much you stand to win if the bet’s successful) and click to confirm. This is how placing bets works at most betting sites; it may be slightly different at some sites, but it should still be easy enough to do.

Steps to place a bet on football:

  1. Find the bonus and site by clicking on the link “Claim Here”
  2. Register an account
  3. Read the terms and conditions
  4. Confirm your details
  5. Deposit money
  6. Search for football
  7. Select your bet e.g. Barcelona to win 1.17
  8. Confirm by selecting “Place Bet”

How To Win Football Bets

Some punters place bets on football as a hobby. Others are more serious about it and try to make a profit. The way you win a bet depends is simple: if the bet’s condition happens, you win. For example, if you bet on France to win the UEFA European Football Championship, your bet will only win and you’ll only get paid if France actually win the UEFA European Football Championship. Most football bets, such as the example just given, focus on the outcomes of individual matches or whole tournaments. Others include things like both teams scoring, goals in both halves and more than three goals being scored, to give a few examples.

Once your bet is placed, there’s nothing you can do to influence whether it’s successful or not. All you can do is wait for the bet to win or lose. What many punters do to boost their chances of making a profit is they follow football news and pore over statistics covering past matches and tournaments. By doing this, they can gain a better idea of which teams might fare better and which ones don’t stand as good of a chance of winning.

It also helps to have a detailed knowledge about football and how the different tournaments work. The more informed you are, the more sensible your betting decisions will be. You’ll be able to tell which bets are worth avoiding and which ones are worth placing. Having said all that, even if you know everything there is about football, there’s no guarantee any bets you place will be successful. After all, on the day of the match, anything can happen and even a team that’s the hot favourite to win might be beaten by a dark horse.

A few ways to help you win a football bet are:

  • Look for boosted odds
  • Choose the league or team you know
  • Keep on eye on key injuries and team selection news
  • Statistically, home teams have an advantage
  • Look for free bets – both no deposit free bets and deposit free bets.

How To Bet On Football Accumulators

An accumulator is any sort of bet that’s made up of two or more different selections. A selection is simply an individual match or player you’re betting on. For example, if you bet on Newcastle United to win against Sunderland, that’s a selection.

Accumulators combine multiple selections together in one single bet. If there are two selections, it’s a double. If there are three, it’s a treble. If the number of selections is four or more, the total bet is simply called an accumulator.

The way accumulators work is as follows: if the first selection wins, your total payout is used as the stake for the second selection; if that wins, the payout is used as the stake for the third selection and so on. For an accumulator bet to win, all of the individual bets have to win. If just one bet loses, you won’t win and won’t get paid.

Accumulator bets are very common in the world of football betting and just about every betting site lets you place these bets. When you go to place your bet, you simply select more than one bet and they’ll be listed in your bet slip. You can combine just about any bets together in a single accumulator – the site will display the total odds and potential payout should all the selections win, doing the calculations for you.

Since every selection has to win for an accumulator to pay out, accumulators can be quite risky. However, they can be lucrative. The way these bets work, the payout is higher than if you place bets on the selections individually. The more selections there are in the accumulator, the bigger the profit you should make, providing they all win.

Football Betting In Play

Another development that has arisen from the rise of online gambling is live betting aka football betting in play. This has been a real game changer across all sports, including football. It’s allowed betting sites to communicate with their customers in ways which just didn’t exist before. Indeed, attending a football match these days and the chances are that you will see some fans checking out the latest live sports odds relating to the game they are watching. The leading sportsbooks all offer live betting options of this type. They will review and change odds based on the action as it unfolds. If team A goes a goal up, then the odds of team B winning will widen. The sites can also publish specials and bonus bets on the next goalscorer or player to get sent off reactively. It’s all adding a new dimension to sports gambling and has proved a real game changer.

In-play football betting continues to grow in popularity. The variability of odds also means gambling sites will frequently give bettors the chance to ‘cash out’ if their bet is going awry. For those who have taken a punt on a multi-bet accumulator, live interaction of this type can provide a tempting opportunity to cut their losses if, for example, the half time score in four of the six games included in their accumulator is proving unfavourable. You can either hold your nerve or cash out for a small return. Again, it creates a live, interactive element which didn’t exist before, as well as an opportunity to limit the impact of your mistakes and withdraw funds which would otherwise end up in the bookies’ pocket.

There are two types of betting: pre-match and in play. Pre-match betting, as its name suggests, is when you place a bet on a match before it starts taking place. You can typically start placing bets weeks, months or even a year or longer before a match’s designated start time. Once it starts, no more bets can be placed. As for in play betting, this is where you bet on a match as it’s actually taking place.

Many punters enjoy in play betting because it’s a lot more fast-paced and unpredictable, plus the bets they place can actually be more valuable. This is because the odds for the bets can fluctuate quite wildly, especially if it’s a match where there’s a lot of goals being scored by both sides and it’s always hard to call which side is going to win. The odds can change in the run-up to a match taking place, of course, but the changes can be a lot more dramatic when the match is actually happening.

With in play betting, the course the match takes can influence what bets you want to place and how much these bets can pay out if they become successful. The advantage of in play betting is that you can get a better idea of how the match is going to play out. For example, let’s say there’s a match between Manchester United and Arsenal, with United the favourites. However, Arsenal win. If you place your bet on United pre-match, you would have lost. However, if you waited till the match started, you may well have changed your mind and backed Arsenal instead, going by their performance early on in the match. So, you bet on Arsenal and your bet is successful.

Football Betting Apps

Just about every betting site has a mobile version that can be accessed on both smartphones and tablets. You can access mobile betting sites on your handheld device and place bets on football games, so long as your device has a steady internet connection. Many sites, including some of the bigger, more established ones such as bet365 and William Hill, have developed their own apps.

Mobile betting is incredibly popular. With your handheld device, you can keep up with all the latest goings-on from the world of football while you’re out of the house and you can place bets whenever you like. Many punters prefer mobile sites: they don’t take up space on your device, they’re designed to be mobile friendly and there are loads of them to choose from. On the other hand, some prefer apps because they tend to offer a fast, more streamlined experience with extra features such as push notifications. You’re free to download as many betting apps as you like, but each one takes up space on your device, so depending on what your phone’s storage is like, you may not be able to download all the apps you want.

Football betting apps popularity is at an all time high. Live betting of the type I’ve described above wouldn’t work nearly as well if it weren’t for the rise of mobile betting too. All the leading sport betting sites now provide punters with the chance to play on the move, be it from a smartphone or tablet. You can access nearly all those sites via your standard web browser, but most of them offer free football betting apps as well. These apps are available on both Apple and Android devices, and the best ones provide a simple interface which is conducive to quick, accessible in-play gambling. Going back three or four years, a lot of football betting apps lack some of the functionality of their browser-based equivalents but now that recent estimates suggest that mobile betting accounts for roughly half of all online gambling transactions, the major sites have upped their games and others are following suit. It means that a player can usually deposit and withdraw funds, access full customer support and view a site’s entire event portfolio from a mobile app. Placing a bet is just as easy too.

If you like a particular betting site and you know you’re going to be visiting it a lot, it may be worth downloading the app (if there is one). For other sites that you probably won’t be visiting as often, you should stick with the mobile site instead, so your phone’s storage isn’t taken up by apps you’re not going to use that much.

You may find you like mobile sites and apps the same, or you may realise you prefer one over the other. Try both options out when you place some football bets on your and see how it goes.

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Football Betting Accumulator

Many football punters enjoy combining several different bets into accumulators (also known as ‘accas’). With an accumulator, all the selections have to win for the total bet to win. Even though these are risky, they can be lucrative, especially if there are lots of selections. I have a mate who never bets more than 50p but always has a flutter on an accumulator every Saturday during the football season. He swears he is in profit, but I remain unconvinced given those stake amounts. Either way, accumulative betting is more common than ever. But if you think each way odds can be challenging to calculate, then try accumulators for size. Yes, sites will display the odds as you construct the bet, but again, you need to be logged in and can’t easily compare. Bet calculators just let you stick all the outcomes you’re betting on into one little list alongside the current odds. The calculator will then do the hard work for you.

Winning a football accumulator isn’t impossible, but it can be challenging. If there are two selections, they both need to win for your accumulator; if you’ve got seven selections, each and every one has to win; if six win and the seventh doesn’t, you won’t get paid.

There are several hints that can help you win an accumulator bet. These include betting on home team wins only, using recent statistics to determine the form of a team before you decide to back it, taking into account any recent suspensions or injuries, finding betting sites with the best odds and taking advantage of bonuses (many sites give out acca insurance bonuses, where if just one selection loses, your stake is returned as bonus money or a free bet). Basically, you need to place each bet sensibly and be realistic. The more bets there are, the more risk there is, so think carefully about how many selections you want your accumulator bet to include.

To appreciate how much a bet payout calculator can help your cause here, you need to understand how accumulator odds are put together. Here, the odds are all the results you’re betting on are converted into decimals and then added together. To use a simple example, let’s say you place three bets – one at odds of 2/1, one at odds of 3/1 and one at odds of 5/2. Converted into decimals (by adding both numbers together and dividing them by the second number), you end up with 3.0, 4.0 and 3.5. Multiplied together that’s odds of 42.0, which means you would return £42 from a £1 bet. Simple? Not really. Not if you want to work out the odds quickly and several times over for multiple bets. A bet calculator doesn’t just do this quickly, and it does it instantly.

Football Betting Calculator

A bet calculator is a free online tool you can use to determine your payout for a bet based on your stake, the bet’s odds and the type of bet. Calculators are a very useful and convenient resource that come in handy, especially when you’re placing a complicated bet that has many different components.

Using a bet calculator is easy. First of all, select the type of bet. Then, enter the odds, your stake and the outcome. The calculator will tell you how much money you would make from this bet if it were real and how much profit you would make. If you inputted a losing outcome, the calculator will tell you how much you’ve lost.

Bet calculators are compatible with just about every type of bet imaginable, from simple single bets (where there’s just one selection) to complex cover bets where you place numerous different bets across multiple selections. Calculators are still easy to use even when it’s a more complicated bet you’re placing.

If you’re thinking of placing some bets, you should use a bet calculator. Decide how much you’re going to be wagering and see how much money each bet will give you should it win.