About Us

This is the part where we talk about ourselves. A little bit about who we are, and a whole lot more about what we do and why we do it. Let us start by saying that we’re a small team here at 777 Casino. In fact, it’s more accurate to call us a trio, because three of us came up with the concept of the site, and the same three continue to make the decisions and do the bulk of the work. Like all the best trios – think Messi, Suarez and Neymar or John, Paul and George (sorry Ringo) – we are a diverse but balanced mixed of various skills and personalities.

One of us is an developer, designer and general tech nerd who likes to create pretty websites that people like to look at. The second of us is stats man who likes to derive and test ideas to see if people agree with him. The third of us (that’s me) is a content writer who likes to play casino games and then create interesting words to describe his experience and share his thoughts, in the hope that somebody will want to read them (even if that ends up being my own Mother). The three of us have been friends for 7 or 8 years somehow having met on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. Yes, we may be different but we all share a passion for online casinos and gaming.  We’re very excited to have finally started a gaming guide so we can share that passion.

What Do We Do At 777 Casino?

We’re a online casino guide with a very simple purpose. We want to review, rank and describe the best online casinos and most exciting online slots to help save time for our readers. Now, we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here but we believe we can do things a bit differently. We’ll call a spade a spade and a bad casino, a bad casino. If a casino that we’ve reviewed makes onerous changes to the detriment of your player experience, we’ll tell you. We fully understand too that most players love for casino bonuses and want to know where to find them. For that reason, we write about them – both in our reviews and through our news articles. You’ll also find the latest industry news and progressive jackpot updates in that news section. It’s all part of the service!

Which Casinos Do We List on 777 Casino?

Yes, we’re honest about in our reviews, we also have complete control over the online casinos we choose to list. We’re very conscious of our obligations to our players, so we won’t be showcasing any casinos that offer a truly poor player experience or are just downright dodgy. Of course, we could list them and just pan them. We don’t see much point in that, however. For starters, as much as it upsets me, we know that not every reader who stumbles across the site will hang upon every word I write in the reviews (boohoo). If those readers click through and register for a rubbish online casino, it would make us feel bad. So, we’re honest about those that we do list but we’re also picky. You won’t find any complete duds on this site. We sort the wheat from the chaff so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Why the Name 777 Casino?

7 is a lucky number in many cultures, hence why it’s so widely used in casino lingo. Traditional slot games and one armed bandits often features a 7 symbol, and if you lined up three matching 7s in a row than the coins started clanging. The creativity of the best modern video slots means that the symbol isn’t used quite so frequently online. The number 7 remains an indelible part of gaming lexicon though and we’re keeping the torch burning. Just don’t confuse us with the online casino called 777. We do like them though, hence why we reviewed our namesake site!

Your Support Is Important to Us

We’re a small operation and we have ‘real’ jobs too. In other words, we run 777 Casino in our spare time. If we’re to keep going, we need your support. Seeing those little graphs showing how many readers we receive rise in the right direction is hugely motivating for us. When we hear that you’ve registered with a new online casino and started playing, then all the better. We hope that you find our reviews and news articles both interesting and helpful. If you’ve got any feedback or suggestions that could help us improve the site, then contact us to share them. We’re a friendly bunch (well I am, not too sure about the other two) and would love to hear from you!

We Want You to Play Responsibly

We might be online casino enthusiasts, but like all responsible players we know when to stop. Don’t let your hobby become a problem, enjoy playing but know your limits. We fully support groups like Gamble Aware and GamCare. If you are concerned about your gaming habits, then contact them. We also encourage all our readers to check the full terms and conditions of any casino or bonus that they register for and use. We try to include as much information as we can in our reviews and articles, but the online casinos set the terms so make sure you’re aware of them.

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