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When it comes to gambling, the first thing people would think about is a online poker. Being showcased in many TV series, movies, programs, and reality shows, it is no wonder that people would be familiar with the poker rules, and will be interested in playing a game (or dozen). With one 100 million poker players around the world, online poker continues to grow in popularity year after year. The aspect that now poker can be played online is much responsible for the increase in the number of poker players around the world.

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Traditional brick and mortar casinos are not always easily accessible, plus they have high overhead costs. They do not promote poker, as it is difficult to profit from it, and the opportunity costs for running a poker room are even higher. In the online world, all this is forgotten. People can enter an online casino and start playing poker at any time they like. Players can test their skills for free, or players can try a game or two with very low stakes. With many poker variations available, as various tournaments offered regularly, poker players will always have fun times. If you feel like giving a try, keep on reading where we discuss a little further the poker characteristics, as well as places that are worth checking.

A game of poker online is nothing more but playing the traditional card game on the internet. Although the rules are identical online and offline, there are specific key differences that might bring you a touch closer to the online world. Playing online poker is faster, more convenient and involves less risk (at least you are given a chance to play with smaller amounts). Now on the downside, you will almost always play against total strangers. Not that is entirely different from the experience you might have in brick and mortar casino, but the fact that you cannot look anyone in their face is a point that makes it harder to “feel” the game. But with some experience, you will find out that there are many ways through which you can sense if someone is bluffing.

Poker Online in the UK

Many poker online sites in the UK are widely recognised and offer online poker. And you might ask why we offer additional choices? Will that makes it harder to choose? We believe not, because we want to make sure you are informed and have the options we would like to have. 888 Poker, Bet365,, Pokerstars, Mr Green – casinos that will ensure every aspect of your personal experience. It doesn’t matter if that is in the process of signing up, or communicating while playing – everything is up to a point, easy to handle, and visually pleasing.

And the reason why we offer these casinos is that they try to provide something more from the rest of the competition.888 Poker has a new player freeroll and no deposit bonus of £20 – all you need to do is signup and confirm your details. And Mr Green for examples is providing an innovative predictive tool, which is setting new standards in the gambling industry, as it allows players to monitor and control their gambling behaviour. When online casinos care for their players, players usually tend to come back.

In case you are interested in giving yourself an additional dose of adrenaline, there are always a variety of online poker games and tournaments. Once again, with so many recognisable matches being shown on TV or even streamed, the popularity to be part of a one is immersing. Plus, poker tournaments are only one of the cheapest ways to win big money. To share an example, there are online tournaments where with only £10 buy-ins, you can be awarded over £200,000 if you get the first place. Who would not love something like that?

The only difference between a poker tournament and a regular poker game is that in the tournament, you have a predetermined buy-in for which you get a stack of chips. Once you are out of the chips, you are also out of the tournament. There is no possibility to buy yourself in again. That allows the winner to be the player who would be able to collect all the chips.

Just pick up your tournament out there, and give it a try, you never know if it’s your lucky day. Your choice options include plenty of different tournaments:
• Multi-table Tournaments;
• Sit & Go’s;
• Shootout Tournaments;
• Turbo Tournaments;
• Bounty Tournaments;
• Satellite Tournaments; and maybe one of the most popular one, the
• Weekly Guaranteed Tournaments.

Poker Online Games

There are lots of different online poker games you can play. Online poker isn’t just a single game; it’s a broad family of games. All poker games have a few core features in common; they also have some slight variations and differences that set them apart from others. 

A key feature of poker games is the act of placing bets in rounds and trying to form the highest-ranking hand of cards possible. Games vary in how many decks of cards are in play, how many the players get to share, how many rounds of betting there are and how the card ranking system works. During a typical online poker game, you’re playing against several other people and your objective is to form the highest-ranking hand possible. Below are some of the main types of poker you’ll find at poker sites.

  • Texas hold’em. This is one of the most popular versions of poker. Players receive two cards each and can use any of the five community cards to form their five-card hand. There are four rounds of betting in total, and the community cards are dealt in three stages: after the first, second and third betting rounds.
  • Omaha hold’em. Also known as just Omaha, Omaha hold’em is very similar to Texas hold’em, except that players receive four cards of their own, instead of just two. Players must use precisely two of their own cards and exactly three of the community cards to form their five-card poker hands. 
  • Casino hold’em. Unlike most other poker games, casino hold’em doesn’t pit you against other players. Instead, this game has you play against the dealer (or house). You and the dealer receive two cards and three community cards are used, first of all, then another two come into play later on. There’s the main ante bet and an optional AA bonus side bet that pays out based on the value of your two cards and the first three community cards. 
  • Caribbean stud poker. This is another poker game where you don’t play against lots of other people; it’s just the dealer you’re up against. Unlike Texas hold’em and casino hold ’em, there are no community cards. You and the dealer receive five cards; one of the dealers is face up, and all others are face down. If you decide to stay in the game, the rest of the dealer’s cards are revealed and whoever has the highest-ranking hand wins. Caribbean stud poker also offers a progressive jackpot.
  • Five-card draw. Even though this poker variant is ideal for beginners thanks to its simple gameplay, it’s not as popular online as other versions of the game. Five-card draw gives you the chance to replace some of your cards to potentially form a better hand, though there’s a chance replacing cards may result in you getting a worse hand.

The games above are just a few examples of poker variants you can find online. It’s a good idea to stick with one game for a while at first so you can get used to how it works. When you feel confident with it, try out some of the many other poker versions and see which you prefer.

Is Online Poker Rigged?

In the online world, you can hear many things. We hear the question is online poker rigged? All the time. It is a common misconception, mostly among beginner poker players, that specific sites are rigged. Or sometimes, due to their bad hands, they start to blame the site.

Although we cannot guarantee absolutely every single site out there, we do our homework and do not suggest or promote something that is not checked. So, what we can tell you is that online poker being rigged is one big bad online myth. Quality random number generators are a default option for all the big online sites. And the theories some people create when they have too many bad beats or that cards are fixed to keep people playing or to build bigger pots is just something that you just do not need to worry about. With the Random Number Generator randomly choosing cards from a 52 card deck every single hand in not something you can call rigged.

Best Poker Sites – How to Find

If you’re wondering how to find the best poker sites, the good news is that there are lots of choices available. The number of poker sites is in the thousands and there are new ones launching regularly. While it’s great to have lots of options to consider, having so much choice can make it hard for you to find your ideal site. 

So how do you go about finding the best poker site for you? It’s a good idea to do some quick research to see what the most highly rated options are and compare what they have to offer. Each site is different from the next, and some may appeal to you more than others. When comparing different sites, there are many different factors that you should take into account, including the following:

Whether the site is licensed. This is very important, as a site that doesn’t have a licence may not be trustworthy and depositing money there may not be safe. The vast majority of poker sites are licensed. Some of the several regulatory authorities that hand out licences to gambling sites include the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

  1. Sign up bonuses. Look at how many special offers the site offers, how big the bonuses are and what types of bonuses are available. You should also check out the welcome bonus; this is a special offer just for new players signing up. 
  2. How restrictive are the terms and conditions? All bonuses have terms and conditions, a set of points that explain what the rules, requirements and restrictions to do with a bonus are. They include wagering requirements, which you have to satisfy before being able to withdraw bonuses. 
  3. Quality of customer support. Ideally, customer support should be available 24/7, and there should be a few reliable ways of getting in touch, such as live chat, an email address and a phone number. It also helps if a site has a help/FAQ section.
  4. What other games are on the site? Many poker sites don’t just offer poker; they have things such as casino games, sports betting, bingo games and more. If you’re into other types of online gambling, the best poker site for you is one that offers all your favourite gambling activities in one place. 
  5. Who are the software providers? There are more than 300 companies, or providers, supplying gambling sites with their games. Your ideal poker site should have games from well known and reputable providers.
  6. What payment methods can be used? See what payment methods the site accepts for deposits and withdrawals. You should also find out if there are any fees for transactions and what the wait times for deposits and withdrawals are. 
  7. Quality of poker rooms and tables. Find out what the poker rooms are like and whether players tend to be experienced or not. Also, check out the site’s tournaments and see how they compare. If you’re a beginner, there should be tournaments, especially for new players, as well as resources you can use to help you learn how to play the game properly.
  8. Is the site mobile compatible? Most poker sites have a mobile-friendly site that offers browser-based games. Many have an app as well. Apps tend to offer a more convenient and user friendly experience, though they take up space on your device.
  9. Does the site have a good reputation? You should find that most licensed poker sites have good reputations. If a site has a bad reputation – it gets bad reviews and negative comments from others – you should give it a miss.

Best Poker Sites UK

Online Poker – Real Money Sites

For many people into online poker, real money sites are the place to be. However, lots of players also enjoy playing for free. Free play is recommended for those who are new to the game. Its also for anyone of any experience level who simply wants to practise. You should find free play available at most of the top poker sites. When playing for free, no real money is used at all – instead, it’s virtual money, or credits, that’s used. You can play as many games as you like and the bets you place can be as big as you like. If you happen to lose all of your virtual money, you can easily apply for more and keep on playing. 

Starting out you may wan to play free online poker, especially if you have never played before, as poker can be a bit difficult for some. And when you are in such a situation, it is very typical that you do not want to risk your own money. Many big online casino sites, or sites aimed explicitly at playing poker, would offer some format of free online poker. Sites like PokerStars and RedBet for example, know the pain new players might be experiencing. As such, they make sure through demos and personal apps to offer free online poker games. Anyone interested to learn the basics, be comfortable with the dynamics of the game and prepare themselves for the real games to have the chance to do so.

So, if we take the PokerStars app, (although for most of the sites and apps the process for entering a free online poker will be similar), once you download it and create a free account, you just select the ‘Play Money’ option, and you are already given one of the most significant choices of free games, including online poker.

As you will enter in a “room” of free tables, you can play without a stop. You will always be able to get additional chips if you run out. Thousands of people test their skills playing for free. The great thing is that besides the classic ring games, there is also an option to play tournaments. They are set in a particular time, and like regular tournaments, follow the same rules and procedures. All it is needed is to have a certain number of players registered for it.

A real money room, on the other hand, is any poker room where the bets are placed with actual money. If you join a real money room, your money’s at risk. All bets that you place are deducted from your gaming balance. If you end up winning, you’ll make a profit. If not, you’ll make a loss. Because playing with real money can be risky, especially if you’re up against more experienced players, you should only play with your own money if you feel confident enough. Also, it would be best if you only gambled with money that you can afford to lose.

When you find a poker site you want to become a member of, registering should be easy enough. You should find a button along the top of the page that says something like ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’. Simply click on this to bring up the site’s registration form and fill it out. Registration forms usually have a few pages and filling them out should take just a few minutes, or less. You’ll have to provide the site with personal and contact details to fill the form out. Once done, your account will be up and running.

Mansion Poker

If you’re after a reliable poker site, Mansion Poker is worth checking out. Here you’ll find a number of animated and live poker games, including casino hold’em and Caribbean stud poker. The range of poker options isn’t the most extensive or varied, but the site is still worth checking out as it’s well designed and has plenty of other features, including lots of casino games, a rewarding VIP club and some decent bonuses. The site is well designed and has a rather classy appearance with a luxury mansion theme. 

Should you decide to sign up, you’ll get to claim the welcome bonus for new players. Make your first deposit and you’ll receive a 100% match bonus of up to £200. Deposit £50, for example, and you’ll have a total of £100 to spend on the site’s games. 

NetBet Poker

NetBet Poker has more to offer poker fans than Mansion Casino. Become a member of this site and download the gaming software onto your computer so you can enjoy playing lots of fast-paced, high-stakes poker games. There’s a broad line-up of games taking place regularly, so whatever your tastes are there are always plenty of games to play. If you want to play while out of the house, download the app onto your smartphone or tablet – there are apps for Windows, Android and iOS devices. 

NetBet Poker has a straightforward design and is easy to navigate. Sign up and when you make your first deposit of €20, you’ll receive a free €20 in bonus money to use, plus up to a huge €1,500 you can unlock by playing in poker tournaments and earning points. The €1,500 bonus is released in three stages – keep playing and taking part in tournaments to unlock it all. Be sure to check out the mobile site and app so you can play in NetBet Poker’s tournaments whenever and wherever you like.

TonyBet Poker

Unfortunately, TonyBet Poker formally closed its poker room in July 2020. The room had been open to players since 2013 and no formal announcement regarding its closure was made by the site’s operators. However, the TonyBet site is still up and running and still has lots of betting opportunities to offer. Become a member and you’ll have access to lots of casino games, including a small selection of animated and live dealer poker games. The current line-up of poker games isn’t that big, especially compared with some of the specialist poker sites; however, the games the site does have are pretty good. 

Should you decide to register at TonyBet, you’ll be able to claim the site’s welcome bonus for new players. This gives you a 100% match bonus of up to £/€300, so long as you enter the special promo code RESOLUTION300. As part of this deal, you’ll also receive 50 free spins on the Turn Your Fortune slot game. The site has quite a few other promotions lined up as well. 

888 Poker

888 Poker is a well respected and long-established online poker site. It’s one part of the successful 888 gambling brand, which also offers sites dedicated to casino games and sports betting. There are loads of poker games available to play here and plenty of help available for new players, such as detailed game guides and rulebooks. The site has hosted a number of live events in different cities around the world in the past; these have attracted many experienced poker players and have considerable prize funds to give away.

Sign up and receive a free £20 no deposit bonus – there’s no deposit required at all for you to qualify for this free bonus. When you make your first deposit, enter the promo code WELCOME100 and you’ll receive a 100% match bonus of up to $400 to use. There are plenty of ongoing promotions to take advantage of, plus there’s the 888 Poker Club, a loyalty scheme that offers bigger and better rewards for the most loyal of players.

Bet365 Poker

Bet365 is a popular online gambling destination and Bet365 Poker is the site’s poker section; other sections are dedicated to things such as bingo, casino games and live dealer games. The site runs a broad range of regular poker competitions and tournaments, including cash games, sit and gos and twister sit and gos. There’s always a lot of poker games to take part in and beginners and well as more advanced players are catered for. 

Should you decide to register at Bet365 Poker, you’ll get to earn up to €365 in bonus money. You receive this money in instalments as you collect Status Points, which you earn by taking part in the site’s poker tournaments. The more points you earn, the more of that €365 bonus you unlock and get to keep. Download the app to play poker games while on the move, or simply visit the mobile site through your device’s web browser instead. 

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