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The blackjack as a game has many rule variations. So, depending on where you play, you do want to check what rules the online casino is enforcing.

Blackjack Online

As with many games, the possibility for playing blackjack online brought a great boom to the gaming industry. The same happened to the blackjack. People nowadays enjoy the game from their home or on the go through their mobiles. Parallel to that availability, different variations of the game started occurring. Now there are online blackjack games that can suit anyone’s budget, or you can even play for free.

Just before we jump on the various blackjack games, besides the primary playing process, what you should also know are two terms – hard and soft hand.

• Hard hand – this happens when your two-card total does not include an ace. It is defined like this because the total consists of the risk for a bust. However, the right thing here is that in the game, this is soft as no matter what card you pull out next, there is no risk to be bust;
• Soft hand – opposite to the hard side, where the two-card total involves an ace. The risk for a bust here is minimised.
The blackjack variations you can play are many. We will list just a few of them here:
• Multi-hand Blackjack – players can play up to five hands at one time after which they choose the number of hands they play;
• Blackjack Super 7s – there are individual table slots where you place a chip, and you will be paid if the first dealt card is 7;
• Atlantic City Blackjack – similar to the classic blackjack, with the moment where payout rates and basic rules have a slight differentiation from the original;
• Double Exposure Blackjack – same to the classic blackjack game, with the only but big difference where the cards are dealt face up.
Free Online Blackjack
Although blackjack can be easily understandable, new players (or even players who haven’t been playing for some time) would love to practice free online blackjack, before setting up real money on the table. Being quite a favourite game, the probability of visiting an online casino where there will be the option to play for free is huge. More prominent providers would also have mobile apps, allowing you also to play free online blackjack on the go.

The aim of the free blackjack game is precisely the same as when you play online blackjack for real money. To acquire a blackjack, you will have to make the dealer to go bust or to obtain cards which score is as close as possible to 21. Due to the simplicity of the game, many of the online casinos would not even require any download before they allow you to play for free (unless of course you prefer playing on their mobile apps). Depending on the online casino you will decide on, a variety of ‘Play Now’ will be available in the free blackjack game section. You would have to press Sit Down, after which you will be able to Place your Bet. Once the cards are dealt, you would have to decide what will be your next move (asking for a new card or ‘stand,’ i.e. call the dealer) and wait for the outcome.

As with any other game, we always recommend trying some free turns. Will help you get more comfortable with the game, and maybe even give a try to something different from the classic type of blackjack.

Live Blackjack Online

With live blackjack online, you bring the game to another dimension. You can sit home and enjoy the comfort of your environment, while still sitting opposite to a real dealer and enjoying the overall casino atmosphere. And as you can assume, with the technology advancement and players’ demand, many online casinos try to bring this unique experience directly to their platforms. But in our case, we would like to discuss two of the top live blackjack providers, NetEnt Live and Evolution Gambling.

In the NetEnt situation, counting on the classic casino feel and experience, their live blackjack is filled with beautiful graphics, as well as an innovative, user-friendly interface. A wide range of table limits are available, all supported with crisp streaming quality and real-time interaction. Also, they offer table statistics and on-screen history of dealer’s last ten rounds. With this approach, they make sure players have a positive experience, and more importantly, those same players want to come back.
Evolution Gaming, on the other hand, plays on the card to have live blackjack as fast as the player wants to have. They make sure that everything is correctly optimised to the smallest details, so no matter if you play on smartphone, tablet or desktop, you will have the optimum experience. They praise on having the largest live tables selection, and special tabled dedicated exclusively for any operator. When you add the true added-value features like Side Bets, Pre-Decision and Bet Behind to all this, you can be sure you are in for a good game.

Online Blackjack UK

When it comes to choosing your preferred online blackjack UK site, certain appearances can be deceiving. You don’t want to start using a website just because it looks good, only later on to figure it out that they had site issues, problems with a payout, etc. A little bit of reading before you dedicate yourself to one (or few) online casinos would not be sure. Security, reputation, game selection, bonuses, and promotions are just a few indicators by which you should select your provider.

What fellow players are saying is that Betway is the best blackjack casino for real money, while Mr Green is the number one in tops casinos with live blackjack games. Online casinos Like Redbet, Bet365 and Guts Casino, are closely following. We are sure these providers will be able to hold your attention which providing a top gambling experience.