What Is A Treble Bet?

A treble bet is any kind of bet that’s made up of three selections, whether it be a premier league match, horsing racing or really any other sporting event. It’s a type of accumulator bet – an accumulator is any bet with two or more selections. Treble bets are a popular option for fixed odds betting since they can offer quite large payouts, though all three selections need to be successful for your bet to pay out.

The reason treble bets can be quite lucrative is because the payout from your first selection is used as the stake for your second selection; also, the payout from your second selection is used as the stake for your third selection. Placing a treble bet has the potential to be much more rewarding than placing three single bets. However, treble bets are a lot riskier than single bets, so you might want to think carefully before placing them.

Top Tip: Try a “goals scored” treble bet during live betting.

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