Get 50 Free Spins With No Wagering at These Three Casinos

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We’re on a bit of a crusade here at 777 Casino. We think that free spins without wagering requirements are the very best type of free spins, so we’re helping our readers find them. We’re also encouraging everyone to judge bonus opportunities differently. Sure, it’s great to secure no deposit free spins. Plus, it’s always great when you find a massive bundle of spins so they last for ages. But it all seems a bit pointless if you stand so little chance of winning use your freebies. That’s why we think free spins, no wagering are best and we actively seek out casinos that offer them.

Traditional Free Spins Offers

I’m not intending to paint casinos that do attach wagering requirements to their bonuses. They are businesses after all and they wouldn’t last very long if every player rinsed them using bonus money or free spins. As long as they make the terms of the deal clear, that’s fine. It allows them to offer big packages of free spins which you can use to get to know a new site or play a new game.

Increasingly, however, some leading casinos are moving towards free spins without wagering requirements. Recommendations from the UK Gambling Commission last month further accelerated the process too. They changed the way that casinos are permitted to advertise ‘free’ spins offers in the UK. The Commission argued that the spins weren’t really free at all if a player has to wager them through hundreds of times before withdrawing any winnings. Perhaps they have a point too.

Free Spins, No Wagering

Regardless of the UK Gambling Commission’s position on this, free spins are of course deeply unpopular with players. Casual gamers don’t always mind them because they often play games for fun more than anything. However, more serious gamblers hate wagering requirements and will often opt out of free spins offers as a result of that.

It’s little wonder that online casinos have sought ways to sideline or eliminate wagering requirements altogether. Such a move is always like to attract players of all types, but especially ‘high value’ ones. In the wake of the Commission’s changes, some of the online casinos have reassessed their own definition of free spins, and it’s resulted in more opportunities to pick up free spins without wagering requirements as a new player. What good news.






50 Fair Spins With No Wagering
50 Free Spins With No Wagering
50 Free Spins with No Wagering

Three Casinos Offering Welcome Bonuses Including Free Spins, No Wagering

If a casino adopts a ‘no wagering requirements’ policy in relation to their bonus schemes, we’re always interested in reviewing them. As such, there’s quite a few hanging around this site. We were delighted when one of our favourite casinos – BGO – adopted a free spins, no wagering centred welcome bonus this month though. So we’ll start our run down with them.

Up to 50 ‘Fair’ Spins, No Wagering at BGO

Yes, of all the casinos to react strongly to the UK Gambling Commissions new recommendations, BGO seemed most keen. They changed their welcome bonus within a week and it’s now really easy to understand. For every £1 you deposit as part of your first deposit, you get a what they’re calling a ‘fair spin’.

Fair Spins have no wagering requirements attached to them or indeed a ‘maximum win’ cap. In other words, any winnings generated are yours to keep. There’s up to 50 free spins without wagering available, so deposit £50 if you want to the lot. A £34 deposit would, for example, earn you 34 free spins at BGO as a new player. Find out more about one of the UK’s most popular casinos by reading our review and then click through to claim the bonus.

Up to 50 Free Spins Without Wagering Requirements at Power Spins

Now, BGO have branched out recently too. Not content with being one of the biggest brands in the industry, they launched a sister site with a fresh look and entirely different approach to play. Power Spins is bright, vibrant and contemporary, featuring regular rewards as players fill a power bar by playing.

It’s a distinct site rather than a identikit rehash of BGO, and we like that. Happily, however, there one similarity does remain. They’ve adopted the exact same welcome bonus for Power Spins you see, so you can get up to 50 free spins with your first deposit. The process is exactly the same, every pound you pay in earns you a spin, and the free spins are entirely free of wagering requirements or maximum win ceilings.

Up to 50 Wager-Free Free Spins at PlayOjo

PlayOjo is one  of the most interesting new online casinos to have hit the market in 2017. They promised to be different, and they haven’t disappointed. The PlayOjo team have turned the concept of a ‘bonus’ on its head. They never include wagering requirements with free spins or cash bonuses. Nor do they limit how much you can win.

Indeed, they even provide cash back on every single spin you make, be it successful or loss making. It’s a new approach designed to be fair and transparent. The welcome bonus is the same too. In a familiar move, it’s a case of making your deposit and then receiving a free spins for every £1 you pay in, up to a maximum of 50 free spins without wagering. If you haven’t played at PlayOjo yet, you’re missing out on a new type of experience.

More Free Spins, No Wagering

These aren’t the only online casinos offering free spins without wagering requirements. Guts Casino, for example, as a policy of no wagering against all free spins. Then there’s Happy Hugo’s Casino, which has ditched wagering requirements across free spins offers and cash bonuses too. There’s  trend developing, and we hope it continues. Free Spins without wagering requirements are the best type of free spins altogether. That’s our judgement and we’re sticking to it. Play some free spins and have a better chance of winning for once!

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