Extra Spins

Extra Spins are a popular type of casino bonus, that provides players with the opportunity to play some rounds on an online slot without dipping into their own pocket. Now, I know what you’re thinking here. ‘This all sounds a lot like free spins’. And indeed it does, at least in the traditional sense of a phrase that every online casino will be familiar with. There’s a very good reason why Extra Spins became ‘a thing’ in October 2017 though, and it’s now used by numerous leading online casinos, including Guts, Rizk and BetSpin. We expect to be using ‘Extra Spins’ much more in the coming months and years. So, we thought we’d better a right a page about them.

What Are Extra Spins?

We’ll start by explaining what a little bit more about extra spins and how they work. A spin is a single ‘turn’ (or ‘bet’ if you like) on an online slot. It’s so named because the game grid’s reels turn, or ‘spin’, when the player pushes the ‘play’ button. When the reels finally come to a rest, you’re left with the results of that spin, and have the option to either cut your losses/collect your winnings and run, or spin again.

Normally, each spin will cost the player some money. This is betting after all! A player can define the coin value and level of the bet prior to playing the round, and the casino will automatically take the money of the player’s balance. Extra Spins have no such impact. Casinos provide them to allow players to play games ‘on the house’, while still betting for real money. They’re an extremely popular online casino bonus, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Are Extra Spins the Same As Free Spins?

To answer this question, let us tell you a little story about some regulatory changes that happened in October 2017. The Gambling Commission, who oversee all gambling activity in the UK, instigate all widely encompassing review of how online casinos promote bonuses and other elements of their service. Free Spins came under particular scrutiny,a and the best online casinos took action as a result.

The Gambling Commission insisted that online casinos were more transparent about their terms and conditions that are attached to free spins and other bonuses, for example. But they also argued that the phrase ‘free spins’ is something of misnomer. Why? Well because you usually have to make a deposit to release a bundle of free spins. You will typically need to fulfil wagering requirements and honour other restrictions too. According to the Gambling Commission, sites should only use the term ‘free spins’ when none of these obligations are imposed upon a player.

Extra Spins, Fair Spins and Casino Spins

The Gambling Commissions edict had far reaching consequences for casinos operating in the UK. Casinos ignored the recommendations at their peril, so the best ones reacted immediately. This meant renaming free spins to something else. Extra Spins is one of the most popular names, adopted by Guts, Rizk, BetSpin and others.

That said, it certainly isn’t the only alternative. BGO immediately dropped their wagering requirements and went with ‘Fair Spins‘. Other sites have opted for ‘Added Spins‘, ‘Casino Spins‘ or even simply ‘Spins‘ on its own. All these phrases essentially refer to ‘Free Spins as we always knew them in one way or another. Although it’s likely that extra spins will have at least some terms and conditions attached to them, including the need to deposit.

Extra Spins, No Wagering

As we mentioned before, Guts was amongst the first online casinos to adopt the phrase ‘Extra Spins’. They have also had a longstanding commitment to free spins without no wagering requirements across all their bonus offers. The name has changed, but the strategy remains the same. It’s possible to get extra spins with no wagering requirements, and Guts prove it. Whether you need to deposit or not, none of their extra spins deals are subject to play through restrictions.

Tracking (and encouraging) the trend towards extra spins without wagering requirements across a growing number of casinos is one of our little passions here at 777 Casino. The Gambling Commission’s recommendations could accelerate the process, and indeed there are already signs it will. Extra Spins with no wagering requirements allow you to access any winnings generated from your bonus straight away. For us, that makes them even more valuable than traditional no deposit free spins.

Play Ojo no wagering

No Deposit Extra Spins

That said, our appreciation for extra spins, no wagering doesn’t diminish our regard for a good no deposit extra spins offer. Given all the discussion around terminology of late, no deposit free spins are probably the closest match to genuine ‘free’ spins as the Gambling Commission would describe them. Players don’t need to make a deposit or part with any cash to snaffle them. They are genuinely ‘free’ in that sense, although wagering requirements and other T&Cs may still be attached.

That’s why so many players love them, of course. But it also ensures that no deposit extra spins have another important function. They often form the first part of a welcome bonus. In doing do, they allow a player to spin some rounds as soon as they’ve registered, before they commit any cash to a new casino. They also provide you with the opportunity to try new games and see if you like them before you dip in to your own balance.

Deposit Extra Spins

Deposit extra spins are one of the most common types of casino bonus. They are granted to players as a reward for making a deposit at a casino. Again, they are frequently used as part of welcome bonuses, but they are also available as part of regular and ad hoc offers too. There are loads of them about. It’s here where the phrase ‘extra spins’ is more accurate than ‘free spins’ though. You’re obliged to make a payment (albeit in the form of a deposit that you can use to play games) before you get them.

You typically get a bigger bundle of extra spins when the bonus is attached to a deposit. Where as no deposit extra spins are usually (but not always) restricted to smaller batches of 5, 10 or 20, you can pocket 50, 100, 200 or more deposit extra spins in this type of deal. A lot of welcomes include a small number of no deposit extra spins to encourage players to register and trial the casino, and then a larger amount as a reward for a first deposit.

Will I Win Using My Extra Spins?

Extra spins allow you to play for real money. They should not be confused with free play games. This means you can win cash using them, although certain restrictions may apply. Again, some of these restrictions have come under scrutiny as part of the Gambling Commission review. Still, some online casinos will restrict the amount you can win to, for example, £200. Still, anything you do win is yours to keep and you directly stake any of your own cash in the process. Ultimately, you can win using extra spins, but you shouldn’t expect to do so.

Which Games Can I Play Using My Extra Spins?

Extra spins are often attached to one game or group of games. It all depends on the individual offers. The best online casinos will make the game choice very clear on promotional banners and in their description of the offer. Sometimes, they’ll allow you to pick a game of your choice, or include very loose limits. For example, you might be able to use your free spins on any NetEnt game of your choice.

Extra Spins Terms and Conditions

We’ve already spoken about wagering requirements and how they are just starting to come under attack. They are the most widely recognised component of extra spins ‘terms and conditions’. However, we’ve briefly mentioned others too and they may still apply. A bonus may only permit you to stake the lowest amount possible on each spin, and you’ll probably need to use your extra spins within an allotted time too. Then’s there’s the maximum win ceiling, which we’ve already discussed too. You should always check the specific terms and conditions for any extra spins promotion.

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