PlayOjo is one of a clutch of new online casinos that are pioneering a new approach to bonuses. Not only do they offer a small amount of cash back against each bet – which is a handy little insurance policy that will help you accumulate money over time – but they have a policy of ‘no wagering’ on any casino bonus. As an example, your 30 free spins no deposit required keep what you win. This effectively removes one of the most onerous and unpopular elements of the promotions that are so plentiful in the industry. The strategy had broader implications too, particularly in the UK market, because it pre-empted regulatory changes that encouraged more transparent bonuses with less limiting conditions. Most importantly, however, it simply provides players with the chance to register and play for ojo wager free bonuses.


Wagering Requirements Restrictions

We’re always surprised to discover how many online casino players are unaware of the implications of wagering requirements. They are the most common limiting condition applied to any casino bonus. When wagering requirements are attached to a bonus, you’ll be required to play through your bonus amount (or winnings generated from free spins) a designated number of times before you can access the money. This significantly reduces your chance of winning cash while using your bonus. It’s little surprise, then, that initiatives like the Ojo wager free strategy are growing in popularity.

PlayOJO no Wagering

Ojo Wager Free Bonuses

PlayOjo certainly isn’t shy when it comes to promoting their approach to bonuses. They launched in early 2017 in a blaze of publicity, and much of it centered around their promise to bin wagering requirements. They’ve stayed true to their principles ever since. Ojo wager free bonuses have understandably proved popular with players, and much of the casino’s success has been built on their presence.

Online casinos that are prepared to pioneer this approach are incredibly important for the wider industry. As more players realise that they can play bonuses at Ojo wager free, the pressure will increase on other casinos to follow in their footsteps. PlayOjo isn’t the only casino that has introduced a scheme like this, but it is one of the more prominent of recent years. They could well trigger a domino effect that will revolutionise the way online casino bonuses are structured.

PlayOjo Wager Free Bonus

Ojo Wager Free Welcome Bonus

PlayOjo’s welcome bonus is, as you’d hope, free of any wagering requirements and it’s atypical in other ways too. Rather than presenting players with a fixed bundle of free schemes, they let you construct your bonus instead. For every £1 that you deposit, you receive one free spin in return. Deposit £20 and you get 20 free spins, while a £30 deposit is worth 30 free spins. The Ojo wager free pledge ensures that you can access any winnings generated from the free spins immediately too.

More Perks Beyond Ojo Wager Free Bonuses

The Ojo wager free approach to bonuses is echoed in their imposition of few terms and conditions elsewhere too. They promise a ‘fair’ online casino experience without any ‘bullshit.’ To ensure that all this is more than mere hyperbole, they’ve focused their attention on other burdensome terms and conditions too.

So, not only are your bonuses, and free spins offers at PlayOjo wager free, but they are also devoid of any maximum win ceilings that can further limit your chances of winning significant sums of cash. Most bonuses at other online casinos will impose a cap on earnings gained from a bonus to limit their exposure to losses. Sometimes these caps can be quite low too – just £50 or £100. PlayOjo doesn’t think that’s fair. So, they ditched both wagering requirements and maximum win ceilings.

playojo fair casino

How PlayOjo Pre-Empted Regulatory Changes

It may well be a happy coincidence but PlayOjo also unwittingly predicted regulatory changes introduced by the UK Gambling Commission in late 2017 and early 2018. The Commission has applied growing pressure on online casinos with particular regard to the marketing strategies used to promote bonuses. Having commissions reports from the Advertising Standards Agency among others, their conclusions couldn’t be clearer. Casinos are often guilty of offering players bonuses without providing clear, transparent information regarding limiting factors – and now they need to change their practices.

The Gambling Commission report placed wagering requirements firmly under the microscope. Now, online casinos will either need to ensure they advertise the presence of restrictions like these very clearly or drop them altogether. They’ve even attacked the very premise of the term ‘free spins’ if those spins are subject to wagering requirements, stake limits and win restrictions. Ojo wager free bonuses avoid the wrath of the Commission and leave the casino one step of ahead of their peers, many of whom are now scrambling to rethink their approach to bonus sharing.

Ojo Wager Free Bonuses Can Facilitate Change

It’s about time that casino bonuses changed. They’ve stayed pretty much the same since they were first offered and wagering requirements have always been a key component of most online casino’s strategies. Online gaming is now an extremely competitive industry, however. Players have more choice than ever and can shop around for the best deals. The competition has created the perfect environment for change. Casinos need to innovate to attract new players. Ojo wager free bonuses are evidence of exactly that.

We fully expect more online casinos to reassess their approach to wagering requirements. The dual forces of regulatory changes and intense competition will create huge benefits for the players. That new online casinos can build entire marketing strategies around their dismissal of wagering requirements is telling. Casinos that don’t change will be left behind, but those with schemes like the PlayOjo wager free bonus strategy are much more likely to prosper in the long run.

Our Love of Ojo Wager Free Bonuses

Regular readers of 777 Casinos will know that we value wager-free bonuses above all else. Although it can be tempted to look for the biggest free spins bundle or most impressive cash offer, those considerations should always be balanced against the impact of wagering requirements. Bonuses without these restrictions are traditionally like gold dust, but now that players can play bonuses at the likes of Ojo wager free, we have fertile ground for change. Perhaps wagering requirements will eventually become a distant memory. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

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