Zodiac Casino Fake

We’ve written a lot about these guys in our Zodiac Casino review and its eye-catching welcome bonus here at 777 Casino. The 2000% real money 1st deposit bonus that players receive for a deposit of just £1 has rightly generated a fair amount of publicity. However, it’s such an unusually generous offer that it attracts accusations of being ‘too good to be true’, ‘a Zodiac Casino fake bonus’ or even ‘a scam’. These assertions are both unfair and inaccurate, even if they are in some ways understandable. This article such help debunk a few misconceptions and provide players (that’s you) with a bit of reassurance so they can take advantage of a casino bonus that is unparalleled in its generosity.

Zodiac Casino Scam

Let’s start by saying that we would always advise players to be cautious when redeeming any deposit bonus. Exercising a little bit of cynicism is entirely sensible because some unscrupulous casino sites are operating in the market. Zodiac Casino is different for many reasons though, and the bonus is in no way fake or a scam.

Indeed, I’ve used the welcome offer myself, and it’s a genuine 2000% bonus that will give you 80 chances to win the progressive jackpot if you choose to use your bonus money on Mega Moolah – which is how Zodiac Casino advertise the promotion. That’s just my personal experience though so I wouldn’t expect you to consider that as gospel without further proof. Luckily, there are several tangible ways that you can verify the casinos consign any concerns about a ‘Zodiac Casino scam’ to one side.

Zodiac Casino Scam

Zodiac Casino Legit

I don’t think Zodiac Casino particularly helps itself. The website is retro. It’s full of flashing graphics and cheesy photos of folk holding checks displaying how much cash they’ve won (you have to assume that some of these might not be real winners, but who am I to know?). It’s also a download only online casino, which often raises concerns. Finally, Zodiac Casino is part of the Casino Rewards Group which although trustworthy, has engaged in some overly enthusiastic advertising practices in the past. Look now further than Grand Mondial Casino for an example. All this creates a potentially unfavourable impression.

Visuals aren’t everything though, and the way the casino markets its online slots isn’t greatly different to many of its peers. It hasn’t quite moved with the times, but that doesn’t mean the Zodiac online casino bonuses are grounded in fake money or any attempts to rip players off. Quite the contrary in fact. Player feedback is generally excellent; there’s no talk of a Zodiac Casino fake bonus at all. The casino features a superb range of online casino games, and you can use your bonus on any of them. You deposit £1 and get £20 back, open up the casino slots or games of your choice, and away you go. You can use your bonus on literally any game, it’s awarded in full and can be used in the mobile casino on Android or Apple devices. Zodiac has also secured licenses from some of the most respected regulatory bodies in the world.

Zodiac Casino UK

Zodiac Casino has secured a license from the UK Gambling Commission, which is renowned for the stringency of its scrutiny. Casinos with a UK license rightly wear it as a badge of honour. The Commission conducts thorough audits of all aspects of a casino’s management to ensure that it doesn’t use fake casino games, offer fake money and operates a secure website that isn’t open to cybercriminals who hack online platforms and steal details. The Zodiac Casino UK License also ensures that players based in Britain can enjoy Zodiac’s vast array of casino slots as well as other table games like roulette, blackjack online and poker. The UK is a regulated market, which means that an online casino requires a license from the UK Gambling Commission to operate in the country.

Zodiac Casino MicroGaming Online Slots

That Zodiac Casino’s web platform is ‘download only’ isn’t ideal and seems a bit archaic. The casino lacks some of the panache of its peers as a result, but let’s do not forget that MicroGaming casino software powers it. MicroGaming is, of course, one of the biggest and best game providers in the industry. It’s responsible for many of the top casino slots online including classics like Immortal Romance, ThunderStruck II and the Dark Knight. Then there’s the Mega Moolah jackpot slot, which is the subject of so much of the site’s welcome bonus advertising You can play a complete suite of MicroGaming online slots machines at the Zodiac Casino online. MicroGaming is a major player in the market and wouldn’t nail its flag to any old mast. Their relationship with Zodiac is another reason to count the site amongst the top online casinos in operation at the moment.

Zodiac Casino Winners

All bonuses you receive at Zodiac Casino, including the vaunted welcome bonus, are real cash bonuses. This means you can genuinely win money using them and collect your winnings once you have fulfilled certain terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements. I’m not convinced that all the smiling people pictured with large cheques on the Zodiac Casino homepage are genuine Zodiac Casino winners, but that might be the cynic in me. It’s not hard to find some verified Zodiac Casino winners though. The very first winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot in 2018 was a Zodiac player using his welcome bonus. The Canadian won $CA 3.2 Million (£2.1 Million) in winnings. Not bad at all. There’s surely no greater proof of Zodiac Casino’s credentials that a genuine win of that type of the very slot that the casino promotes so fervently. You can find other examples of big Zodiac Casino wins online too.

Zodiac Casino Winners

Zodiac Casino Scam or Not

There is absolutely no reason to consider accuse Zodiac Casino of any dodgy practices. In this case, the welcome bonus may look too good to be true, but it’s legitimate. You can use it to win real money online and play a selection of fine MicroGaming video slots. Like many of the best casino sites the UK, Zodiac holds a license from the Gambling Commission, a strong partnership with one of the most respected providers in the market and can point to a string of verified big money winners. This casino may not look as good as other slots casino sites at first but start playing, and you will find that its retro charm is quite endearing. Player feedback is generally excellent. This is a trustworthy place to enjoy online slot games. There is no Zodiac Casino fake bonus, nor is there a Zodiac Casino scam.

If you want to take advantage of Zodiac Casino’s unique and wonderful welcome bonus, you don’t have to do much. Just visit our Zodiac Casino review page (where you can also find out much more about the site) and click through from one of our links to register. This is a download casino, so you will need to download Zodiac’s software to your desktop or phone. Once you’ve done that and registered, however, your £20 free cash is yours. Then you have your 80 chances to win the Mega Moolah jackpot for a £1 deposit.

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