Top Factors to Evaluate Before Joining an Online Casino

Factors to Evaluate Before Joining an Online Casino

Joining an online casino for the first time is an exciting experience. It not only lets you experience the thrilling ups and downs that come with gambling but also puts the possibility of life-altering wins within arm’s reach.

Unfortunately, all this excitement can sometimes lead to hastiness when deciding which online casino to spend your time and money on. While many online casinos operate in much the same manner, not all are created equal, and selecting the first one you come across or one based solely on what casino sign up bonus it offers may be a mistake.

To help you avoid this, we’ve compiled the top factors to evaluate before registering at any online casino. Investigating these facts can help you find the best online casino and enhance your gambling experience as you attempt to hit the jackpot.

Licences from Respected Authorities

Although nobody wants to investigate whether every online gambling website has the correct licensing, these licenses exist for good reason. In the UK, no operator may offer its services to players if the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) does not license it.

Therefore, one of the first checks you should make is whether or not the site you’re considering has a license from this governing body. If it doesn’t, it is illegal for it to accept UK-based gamblers, meaning you will have no protection if the site turns out to be a scam.

The UKGC issues licenses to online operators only after it has made extensive checks and assessments. These include investigations into the operator’s finances, fairness checks on the casino’s software and RNGs (random number generators), and various probes into the company’s internal and external workings.

Although some deem these checks unnecessary and excessive, they ensure that no casino may operate in the region unless each action it undertakes is legitimate and will cause no harm to players. Because of this, a license issued by the UKGC is one of the most coveted and respected internationally.

Partnerships and Contracts

After licensing, the next thing to evaluate about an online casino is who the site partners with and what services it offers. This should be done in two parts: by looking at the supported payment methods and the games catalogue provided.

Payment Methods

Several payment methods are tried and trusted in the UK iGaming industry, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Skrill. These companies have international reputations and work tirelessly to ensure they can provide consumers with safe and efficient financial transactions.

As such, these payment providers are careful about who they allow to use their services and who they partner with. If a casino is attempting to operate illegally or circumvent laws, many (if not all) of these providers will likely refuse to process transactions on their behalf for fear of getting involved in illicit activities.

The advantage to the cautiousness of these payment processors is that should a casino support them, it is a safe bet to say that the casino is trustworthy. This is not only because it has secured a contract with these providers but also because payments are handled by some of the best names in the business.

Games Available

Like payment providers, there are specific brands within the iGaming industry that are better known than others. When it comes to development studios and publishers that provide games like online slots and live dealer titles, NetEnt, Evolution, Pariplay, Play’n Go, and Pragmatic Play are among the best of the best.

These companies are responsible for an astonishing number of casino games and online gambling options. However, partnering with these brands comes at a price for any online casino, as each game offered to players needs to be licensed by its publisher and costs the casino additional money.

While discounting a casino simply because it boasts a smaller game selection may not always be best, as some casinos may have just launched, it is a good practice to avoid these. It is better to visit established casinos that have contracts with multiple providers and thus offer a large selection of games.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are among the most overlooked agreements accepted by individuals daily. A recent study found that 68% of Brits don’t read or understand the contracts they sign or agree to for business or entertainment.

While many shrug this off, overlooking terms and conditions can be detrimental in the long run if a clause is not in your favour or that of other players. Therefore, it is always best to carefully read any online casino’s terms and conditions rather than unquestioningly accepting them.

Many may find doing this challenging, as they may not know what to look for. However, certain things, such as excessive payout wait times, unrealistic withdrawal limits, and possible clauses limiting their rights as players, should be easily identified and understood depending on the language used to express them.

If anything like the examples above appears in the terms and conditions of a site you’re interested in, consider looking for an alternative.


In most cases, it is the desire of every player that they never need to contact customer support when gambling online. The reality behind this, however, is a stark disappointment that reveals many in need of assistance during their gambling escapades.

Whether or not you feel you’re likely to need customer support in the future, it’s a good idea to identify ways to contact support on a site before registering. This will give you advanced knowledge of where to go should you need help after registering.

Knowing where to go, however, is sometimes not enough. Therefore, looking up online reviews on how well a site’s customer support operates or contacting support yourself with some questions is a good measure of what to expect.

If the support department falls short when you’re a potential player, and they are eager to convince you to register an account, the chances are good that the response will be less than ideal after you’re already a player. In such cases, find an alternative site that inspires confidence right from the get-go.

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