Getting Lucky: Valentine’s Day Themed Cut Outs and Brain Teaser

If there are two places in life that you’d want to be lucky, it’s at the casino and in the bedroom.

And to celebrate the coming together of Valentine’s day and Pancake day, we’ve created a series of romantic stencils that can be used to dust your pancakes, coffees (and anything else 😉) that will stack the odds in your favour.

Keep scrolling down, as we’ve also created a fun brain teaser that asks you to find the hidden 🍆.

Pancake Stencil Instructions

Print off the images below and cut along the dotted lines. Cut out the required shapes within the circle that will allow for icing to fall through.

Lips and Cherry Stencil

Devil and Eggplant Stencil

For the devil emoji, you will need to cut around the eyes and mouth, apply a layer of dusting and then cut around the outer shape to apply a second dusting. The same method applies for the eggplant emoji.

Peach and Tongue Stencil

Can You Spot The 🍆?

And finally, continuing the fun, we’ve hidden a big 🍆 among other lucky charms. If you can spot it within 90 seconds or less, you’re in the top 5% of players.

Fair Use

Do you want to share these images? Please do! We just ask that you credit the original source by linking to this page.

These images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License

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