State-by-State Analysis – 2024 Status of Online Casinos in the US

State-by-State Analysis - 2024 Status of Online Casinos in the US

Depending on where you go within the country, the US has always held vastly different views on gambling. While states like Nevada and New Jersey rely on the pastime for revenue generation, others like Alaska and Hawaii fiercely oppose it. 

With the advent of online gambling and the amendments to federal laws encouraging the growth of iGaming, many states have reconsidered their stance on the market. Sports betting is the winner in this regard, with 38 states legalising it and creating a burgeoning industry. 

Trailing far behind is the legalisation and adoption of online casinos. While some states have made these available, most have yet to consider doing so. Below, we’ve broken down the status of online casinos across all 50 states.


Alabama does not allow sports betting or online casinos. There are no imminent plans to change this, so players will need to rely on the state’s tribal casinos to get their gambling fix.


An attempt to legalise sports betting in Alaska in 2022 failed due to the state’s anti-gambling culture. As such, the state has no legal forms of online gambling. 


Despite sports betting being available since April 2021, Arizona does not allow online casinos to operate. Instead, it encourages players to use any of the 16 tribal casinos in the state. 


With the launch of retail casinos in 2019, many thought online options would follow. However, although sports betting was legalised in 2022, online casinos are still prohibited. 


Known for its progressive political views and numerous tribal casinos, California was expected to adopt iGaming early on. However, the state failed to legalise sports betting or online casinos in 2022.


Although Colorado has more than 30 physical casinos, it has not yet made provisions for online providers. However, sports betting has been legal since 2020. 


Signed into legislation by Governor Ned Lamont in 2021, sports betting, casinos, and poker tournaments are all legal to access online in Connecticut. 


Legalising online gambling in 2012, Delaware was one of the forerunners in launching iGaming. The state allows online casinos and sports betting, provided they are operated by the state’s land casinos. 


Although Florida has attempted to legalise online sports betting casinos, strong legal opposition from tribal casinos has prevented it. As such, it remains illegal. 


As of February 2024, sports betting and online casinos are illegal in Georgia. However, at the time of writing, current legislation is undergoing public input to amend the constitution to allow legal sports betting—but there is no mention of online casinos. 


Employing a total prohibition of online gambling, Hawaii has no plans to amend the current laws that wholly prohibit online casinos, sports betting, and other forms of gambling. 


While it is home to several tribal casinos, Idaho does not allow online casinos and other forms of iGaming. The state has no current plans to amend this. 


Gamblers who enjoy great deals on sports betting can use the legal bookmakers available in Illinois. However, those seeking casino games will need to visit physical venues, as online operators are prohibited. 


Despite numerous attempts to legalise online gambling, all manners used to place a wager online remain illegal. 


With several brick-and-mortar casinos, Iowa remains sternly against accepting online casinos. Sports betting, however, has been legalised in the state. 


Although Kansas offers several tribal casinos, it is strictly against the legalisation of online casinos and sports betting. Therefore, none of these options is available. 


Having permitted online sports betting as recently as September 2023, Kentucky has made no moves towards allowing online casinos. The state also lacks any retail options for players. 


Louisiana has not attempted to permit online casinos, leaving the legalisation option to individual parishes rather than at the state level. Fortunately, the majority of parishes have allowed sports betting. 


With Governor Janet Mills legalising sports betting in 2019, Maine has chosen to wait to see how the iGaming industry does before allowing access to US casinos online


Like Maine, Maryland has not legalised online casinos but has, as of 2022, permitted sports betting. With retail casinos available, it may take years for the state to legalise online options. 


While Massachusetts launched sports betting in 2023, online casinos where players can gain incredible free spin bonuses were not considered. Instead, players are urged to visit the physical casinos in the state. 


Michigan is home to a growing iGaming market after legalising online casinos and sports betting in 2019. However, the market officially began in 2023 due to delays caused by COVID-19.


Offering multiple tribal casinos, Minnesota has no plans to allow online casinos in the foreseeable future. 


Online casinos are strictly forbidden under Mississippi law. However, the state does allow the activities of various retail casinos. 


In 2023, Missouri legalised online sports betting. However, there are no plans to extend this to online casinos. 


Although sports betting is legal in Montana, it is not available online. The same applies to casinos, which are available physically but are banned online. 


Nebraska has begun discussions to legalise online casinos and sports betting. However, these talks have stalled and do not seem likely to resume in the coming months. 


As home to Las Vegas, Nevada has openly opposed online casinos due to the competition they will raise against physical options. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire not only has no retail or tribal casinos but is also vehemently opposed to online variants. Despite this, sports betting has been legalised. 

New Jersey

New Jersey initially legalised online casinos in 2013 for ten years but extended the motion for a further five years in 2023. As such, players in the state are allowed to play online legally. 

New Mexico

Housing one of the largest physical casino markets in the country, New Mexico has made no move to allow online casinos. 

New York

After many attempts to change the legislation, online casinos remain illegal in New York. Sports betting, however, is legal. 

North Carolina

North Carolina has recently permitted sports betting without indicating that online casinos will be available soon. 

North Dakota

In 2021, gamblers were hopeful that iGaming would be made legal. However, the bill to permit operators to provide services was turned down, meaning online casinos are still illegal. 


Online casinos are currently illegal in Ohio. However, this may change in the future since the state allowed sports betting in 2023. 


Another state that has tried and failed to legalise iGaming is Oklahoma. After the proposed bill was rejected in 2022, online casinos remain prohibited. 


With the government opposing even the expansion of tribal casinos in the state, online casinos don’t appear likely to be made legal anytime soon. 


With BetMGM and Caesars launching in a legal market in 2019, online casinos are thriving in Pennsylvania. This is possible due to legislation signed into effect in 2017 that legalised online gambling.  

Rhode Island

Effective March 2024, Rhode Island is the latest state to allow sports betting and online casinos. One strange stipulation it maintains is that table games must operate as a live casino and have a live dealer at all times. 

South Carolina

South Carolina remains one of the harshest states toward gambling, with online and physical casinos prohibited. 

South Dakota

Sports betting was legalised in South Dakota in 2021. However, online casinos are still prohibited; there is no indication that this will change soon. 


While sports betting was legalised in 2020, Tennessee strongly opposes casinos and thus doesn’t allow online or retail casinos.


Online gambling is not legal in Texas, cementing the idea that the state is incredibly conservative. While players are optimistic about the future, this is unlikely to change soon. 


Mimicking Hawaii, Utah is very harsh on gambling and restricts every form of placing wagers. This extends to lotteries as well. 


Vermont has been silent on whether or not it will ever legalise online casinos. However, sports betting was legalised in 2023, which is a good start. 


With the launch of the first retail casino and the approval for sports betting, online casinos may soon be allowed in Virginia. For now, however, they are illegal. 


While tribal casinos are permitted, Washington is strictly against online wagers. Therefore, online casinos and sports betting are banned. 

Washington, D.C.

Unlike Washington, Washington D.C. allows online sports betting. However, online casinos are not permitted even though no retail casinos are available. 

West Virginia

Made legal in 2019, West Virginia allowed online casinos a year after sports betting was permitted. The state is home to incredible iGaming brands that offer unique casino bonuses to players. 


While Wisconsin allows daily fantasy sports and horse race betting, it is making no effort to allow sports betting or online casinos. 


Despite online sports betting being legal, online casinos are still illegal in Wyoming, and no changes to this law are on the horizon.

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