Betting on Europe – The Continent’s Most Outstanding Casinos

Casino de la Vallée

Europe is home to some of the world’s most incredible countries. With rich cultures, spectacular landscapes, and the ability to quickly and easily hop from one country to another, the continent is perfect for travellers.

And for travellers who enjoy the thrill of a wager, Europe is filled with gambling houses that are among the best in the world. Punters can visit several countries to experience the local sights and sounds while trying their luck at hitting it big at a casino.

The following ten countries are home to the most remarkable casinos on the continent. If you’re travelling to Europe and enjoy placing bets, make sure to add these destinations to your itinerary.


France is home to many iconic architectural marvels, including the Eifel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, that millions flock to see each year. For gamblers, however, the Casino Barriere Le Croisette located in Cannes is a sight to be seen at.

Situated inside an old-world theatre, the casino is nothing like the casino resorts in other countries. It is an intimate gambling location hosting around 245 slots, 40 electronic roulette tables, and 14 additional tables. However, the small size of the casino melts away when you walk into the magnificent building and experience the thrills it offers within.


When thinking of Spain, many people think of mouth-watering cuisine, bullfights, and the hot climate. However, the country has plenty more to see, including the Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones.

Opening in 1981, this marvel was the first casino in the capital of Madrid and is still one of the largest casinos in the country. Although playing at this casino feels like an intimate experience, it offers 200 slot games, 38 tables, and 25 dedicated poker tables.

United Kingdom

Although the UK welcomes millions of tourists each year seeking to experience its rich history and plethora of sights, it is also the location of more than 150 physical casinos for travelling punters to enjoy alongside sports betting and other gambling options. Each offers a unique glimpse into the country’s culture and some impressive ways to win.

Standing out from the crowd is the Hippodrome Casino in the heart of London. Offering more than just a casino, the Hippodrome offers live West End entertainment, various eateries, and a stunning rooftop terrace. These exist alongside more than 100 slots and 45 tables spread over three floors.  


Oktoberfest, cavernous forests, and incredible castles are just a few things that Germany is known for. While these things are attractive to general visitors, Casino Berlin Potsdamer Platz is what punters will most likely gravitate toward.

Potsdamer Platz is the flagship location of the four casinos operated in the country’s capital by the Casino Berlin brand. Gamblers here can enjoy over 300 slots, 12 tables, and 8 poker tables. Each offers different ways to try your luck, while the fully stocked bar lets you sample local flavours.


Welcoming more than nine million tourists in 2022, Norway is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot in Europe. This is no surprise, considering the country is home to awe-inspiring northern lights, spectacular fjords, and unbeatable outdoor activities.

The only thing missing from the country is a casino—for now. However, punters visiting here need not worry. Accessing online casino sites is entirely legal in the country and opens up some of the best online gambling experiences available today while you travel the countryside.


Birthplace to countless philosophers, modern-day democracy, and Greek mythology, Greece is known far and wide as a country with a rich history—including unbelievable architecture. Those visiting the country looking to experience something unique should look no further than Regency Casino Mont Parnes.

Located at the top of a small mountain, this casino is accessible via a €70 million cable car system. Once you’ve enjoyed the breathtaking view travelling up to the casino, you’ll be treated to live events, delicious eateries, and over 700 slot machines. There are also 52 tables for those looking to avoid the reels.


From sampling the most delicious pasta dishes to traversing ancient cities and uncovering art and mind-boggling architecture, Italy has something for everybody and can make any visit seem surreal. And the Saint-Vincent Resort and Casino (known locally as Casino de la Vallée) is a surreal experience on its own due to its location.

Situated in the nestle of four of the highest peaks in Europe, the casino is located in the brilliant Italian Alps. However, it is not just the location that makes this casino one that no gambler should miss. It is home to over 600 slots, 90 table games, and a dedicated poker room that provides plenty of thrills while you look out across the vast surrounding landscape.


Revered for its incredible cuisine, sprawling beaches, and unique gold courses, Portugal is home to many splendid things. Among these is the oldest casino in the country, the Casino Figueira, which opened in 1904.

The beautiful architecture of this casino, which includes vaulted high ceilings, is only one of the many attractions inside. The 300 slot machines spread dazzling light over the game floor, while the many live entertainment offerings will have you returning to visit.


Situated alongside the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco has long been considered the premier gambling destination in Europe. This isn’t just because the country is one of the most beautiful and listed as the richest in the world by GDP (gross domestic product).

Casino de Monte Carlo is the casino that started the gambling whirlwind in the tiny country and is still the premier destination for tourists today. Set inside a marvel of architecture, the casino houses a wide variety of table games, including poker, and a selection of more than 700 slots.


As the world’s largest exporter of flowers, the Netherlands is known for its many artists, landmark historical windmills, and beautiful lowlands. And among the endless sights and activities the country offers is the Holland Casino Amsterdam.

Located on the edge of a glistening waterway, this casino is home to a fantastic array of entertainment and opportunities. With regular live performances that will keep you entertained for days, the casino also features sumptuous cuisine and over 550 slots. You’ll also find regular poker tournaments and many other table games.

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