New gambling regulations in Germany

Germany Gambling Regulations

The gambling regulations of Great Britain differed enormously from the regulations of Germany. Since the new State Gambling Treaty in Germany, for example, there has been a 1-euro limit in Germany. However, monthly deposit limits and a limited game selection are also part of Germany’s new regulations.

However, if Germans do not feel like putting up with and observing the various restrictions, they can comfortably play at online casinos in other European countries. There are enough online casinos without limits where fans of roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and other games can let off steam. But what do the new regulations actually include?

Monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros

First of all, the maximum monthly deposit of 1,000 euros catches the eye. So people can deposit a maximum of 1,000 euros in casinos with a German license per month. It should be noted, however, that the limit applies to all online casinos in Germany. So it is added up and applies throughout Germany.

If you have deposited 500 euros in Casino A, you can only deposit a maximum of 500 euros in other casinos. If the limit is reached, a new deposit is only possible after the monthly period has lapsed. An increased deposit limit can be adjusted upon presenting a significantly higher monthly income.

Connection to OASIS blocking file

In addition, the OASIS blocking system was introduced with Germany’s new State Gambling Treaty. All casinos with a German license must be connected to it. If players register at such an online casino, their data is stored in OASIS. In addition, a verification of the information is necessary before playing.

This blocking system serves, among other things, to protect players. If it becomes apparent that a player is displaying gambling-addicted behavior, the provider must obtain a third-party block. This means that the player is no longer able to play in German casinos. A self-block is also possible via OASIS.

The third-party block cannot be lifted if justified and players are blocked for at least one year. Self-blocks, on the other hand, can be lifted after just three months. However, an application must be made to be able to play again. However, short-term suspensions are also possible, which can be considered a cooling-off period.

Observe 1 Euro betting limits

Player protection is particularly important in German online casinos. Among other things, there is the 1 euro betting limit, which must be observed. Players can therefore wager a maximum of 1 euro per game round. Thus, no particularly high winnings are to be expected. In return, however, not so much money is gambled away at once.

In addition, there is no autoplay anymore. Players have to activate each round manually so that the reels start spinning. Also, a short break must be realized between the individual game rounds. In online casinos with other European licenses, there are no such requirements so that players can play much more flexibly.

Limited game selection relevant

The selection of games is enormously limited to providers with a license in Germany. Jackpot games are prohibited. Thus, it is already excluded from winning really high amounts in online casinos. Players can, therefore, only play the conventional slot machines, whereby the maximum bet is to be observed.

Also prohibited are the classics among casino games. Roulette, blackjack, and other table games are not to be found in such arcades. The same applies to live casino games. Thus, there are significantly fewer games in casinos with a German license. Compared to other European casinos, this is an enormous restriction.

For example, you can find several thousand games in online casinos with a license from Malta or Curacao. Gaming halls with a German license offer only a fraction of the games. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people prefer to play in online casinos without limit.

Taxation in online casinos with a German license

Regarding the taxation of the revenues of online casinos, something has also changed. Online casinos with a license in Germany have to tax the revenue with 5.3%. Of course, the tax also affects the payout ratios of the providers. In German casinos, a significantly lower payout rate is to be expected.

Those who want to benefit from high payout ratios will continue playing in online casinos with a license from another European country. In that case, no corresponding tax affects the payout rate.

High protection of minors in German online casinos

Time and again, young people register and play in online casinos. In online casinos with a German license, this is not possible. Those who register in casinos with a license from Germany must also verify directly before it can start. From there, unauthorized play is not possible.

Online casinos without limits as an exciting alternative

The many restrictions of German online casinos deter numerous people. Already the many exclusions regarding the games are a deterrent. After all, there are many players who like to play roulette or blackjack. But also, poker is completely missing in the online casino space with a German license. Also, the maximum limits are often not so well received. The same is true for the OASIS blocking system. But there are enough online casinos without a limit so that every player has the opportunity to switch to other providers.

Of course, the new gambling treaty of Germany also brings advantages. Among other things, the high level of player protection should be mentioned. Thus, the risk of getting into a gambling addiction and gambling away too much money is significantly lower. So everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

As long as there is the possibility to play in other online casinos, each person can decide for themselves whether they want to accept the restrictions or not. Those who want to be on the safe side can simply play in an online casino in Germany. Other people can continue to use the providers with a valid gambling license from another country.

Conclusion: Strict regulations in Germany

In conclusion, it can be said that Germany’s specifications are kept very strict after all. They are much stricter and stricter than those of providers in other countries. This can be good for some people but not for others. Ultimately, there is a high level of player and youth protection, which is considered good. However, the many restrictions regarding games and limits are quite disadvantageous.

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