Crypto gambling: Reasons for the increasing popularity, the top 5 crypto casinos & the most exciting games

Crypto Gambling

Cryptocurrencies are generally very popular, which is why there are more and more digital currencies. Apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP and IOTA are also at the top end of the market. Behind them are innovative ideas that make life even easier. Some merchants and casinos are taking advantage and already offer payment with Bitcoin and other currencies.

In current crypto casinos, gamblers can expect an almost unlimited variety of colourful slot machines, with Plinko being particularly in demand. This game is as simple as it is complex, and according to Casino.Guide Plinko is the number 1 among the most sought-after crypto casino games of this time. This is certainly due to the speed of play and the intuitive gameplay. Gamblers do not need to be particularly skilled or strategic.

Gamblers usually face a challenge when choosing the right crypto casino. Recently, more and more providers are focusing on virtual currencies. To make sure that the search for the right digital casino doesn’t get out of hand, here are the top 5 crypto casinos with the most exciting games.

What makes crypto casinos different?

Crypto casinos offer their gamblers countless slot and table games. There are new bonuses every day, which are aimed at both first-time players and loyal customers of the casino. In addition, casinos with cryptocurrencies stand for fast processing and rapid gameplay, even with a mobile data connection. However, these features are also found in regular casinos. So where exactly is the difference to a crypto casino?

At crypto casinos, gamblers can pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. To do this, they first have to purchase them. With proper instructions on how to buy Bitcoin, this is quite easy. Watch the video embedded down below for further information:

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After the purchase, they simply handle their gaming usage through the wallet and portal of the crypto casino. This is very quick and has numerous other advantages such as:

  • Anonymous play is possible
  • Hardly any state control
  • Use of innovative technology
  • No involvement of payment providers with an interest in player finances
  • Low costs
  • Immediate use of the credit

Crypto gamblers use their credit to play their favourite game Plinko even faster. The entertaining game consists of chips that bear the name Plinko. If the player throws them into the gridded field, each chip lands in a different exit.

Depending on the determination of the stake, the rows, and the risk, the odds of winning vary. The pure crypto game Plinko is definitely the modern variant of the casino game. There are also deposit-free games that reward gamblers for gambling with cryptocurrencies. 

The differences between crypto casinos

The biggest difference between the casinos lies in the deposit options. Generally, providers want to create a pleasant gambling feeling for as many players as possible on their site. But this is only possible if they offer different payment options. One option is cryptocurrencies, which are still rarely used. Classic real-money casinos represent the usual variant.

Many providers work with a combination of cryptocurrencies and the classic currencies of pounds, dollars, or euros. Gamblers focus on the most beautiful online casinos with suitable payment providers when registering. So far, they can only pay with real money at most online casinos. At others, automatic conversion of Bitcoin and Ethereum into pounds or dollars takes place.

The latest crypto casinos always display the balance in the selected cryptocurrency. In this way, the providers build a bridge toward blockchain, the technology behind payment with cryptocurrencies. When paying out, the players use their money on other sites that enable payment using cryptocurrencies. So far, these are mainly providers of games and digital products.

The legal situation regarding crypto casinos

In Germany, for example, a lot has changed for real-money players since the State Treaty on Gambling is now in force there, who now have to accept significant restrictions on gambling. Germans cannot spend more than 1,000 euros per month on their hobby. Spinning on slot machines also comes with a limit. In addition, there is the unwelcome player file. These are measures that are actually meant to protect players. However, not every gambler is prone to conspicuous gambling behaviour, which is why the new laws have met with massive resistance from data protectionists in some cases.

In principle, there are no real-money winnings at crypto casinos. After all, cryptocurrencies do not count as real money. Therefore, they have virtually created a parallel world to the usual money casinos. This fact benefits all gamblers who want to try their hand at table games, which are now banned in Germany. So far, the authorities are still watching as more and more gamblers visit reputable crypto casinos from the UK.

Crypto casinos offer these benefits:

  • No limit on play
  • Free placement of bets
  • No limit on spins
  • Keine Beschränkung bei Drehs
  • No player file
  • Low spin duration for slots

These top 5 crypto casinos are very popular

Crypto casinos are a dime a dozen. The following providers not only stand out in terms of game variety and crypto offerings. They are also safe, fair and constantly expanding their offers:

  • Fairspin
  • mBit Casino

If you decide to go to another casino, it is best to prepare yourself intensively. Apart from the 5 most important things when visiting a casino, it is also important to plan your finances well. The budget should be set precisely before the first game. This way, even particularly euphoric moments cannot lead to excessive spending due to overconfidence.

Also important: When deciding on one of the top 5 crypto casinos mentioned above, it is essential to take a close look at the casino bonuses and their conditions. These change constantly, which is why a regular comparison makes sense.

Especially first-time players can benefit from the deposit bonus. This is available in online casinos as well as in digital crypto casinos. However, the bonus is usually not directly withdrawable. If you want to know exactly, you should read the discount or bonus conditions of the provider carefully.

The future of crypto gambling

In the future, the virtual casino market will increasingly focus on modern payment options. Operators want to provide their players with the best slots even faster. To do this, they need modern payment methods that are also more secure. Cryptocurrencies are very popular with gamblers in the UK.

It is important for players to understand the technology behind it. Those who know how the blockchain works in detail can also use the advantages in other areas of life. As soon as people have recognised the many plus points and open up to the topic, normal casinos probably no longer have a chance.

In the next few years, due to the licensing of German providers, it will come down to alternatives like in the UK casinos. Since crypto casinos are not considered real-money casinos, they are almost exempt from state controls. Smart gamblers take advantage of this to be able to play and win without restrictions.

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